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Assam Peoples Struggle Against Forcible Evictions And For Radical Land Refoms.

Assam Peoples Struggle against Forcible Evictions and for Radical Land reforms.

[This article is from ‘ CLASS STRUGGLE’, the Organ of CPI(ML) Central Committee]

Ever since BJP came to power in Assam in May 2016 it is using repression as well as communal division as two weapons to trample the rights of the common people and enable the MNCs and Indian Corporate houses to grab and control large tracks of lands and valuable natural resources in Assam. The developments in the last one year provide a mirror for this.

In Raha, the people are protesting against the transfer of the site for a proposed AIIMS in the State. On 15 th July 2016, the govt. opened fire and killed a 25 year old man Mintu Dueri during a protest in Raha. The people of Banderdubi village near Kaziranga National Park were demanding resettlement and adequate compensation for the lands seized from them. The police shot dead two persons Anjuma Khatun and Fakhruddin on Sept 19,2016 when they were in a protest demonstration led by Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti and All Assam Minority Students Union.

It must be noted that of the 198 displaced families in Banderdubi village, around 40 families were to take shelter in the houses of their relatives. The rest are living under the open in Baghmari, village. These people are mainly Muslims of erstwhile East Bengal origin settled in Banderdubi village more than half a century back. The Govt. had shifted 7 Hindu families to a safe place, but did not bother about the rest of the families. A clear show of communal discrimination!

After the eviction drive, an influential Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said in an official Face Book page that the Govt. would never compromise on Jati, Mati, and Bheti (Nationality, Land and Home). Here is an attempt on the part of BJP Govt. to divide the Assam people as “Assamese” and “outsiders” and push the Muslim Community into an uncertain, insecure and pathetically
dependent state and make them easy targets of repression.

A year back, the BJP Govt. in Assam started a drive to evict the people from the government lands calling them as ‘illegal encroachers’. It began with Kaziranga and very soon extended to the entire state. After almost a year, it carried on this eviction drive in Sipajhar on 24 th Nov 2017. Here one person called Ananda Das, a native of Kuruva village was mysteriously kidnapped (Nov 21 st )
and murdered (Nov 23 rd ). But a violent mob went on rampaging alleging that the Gandhia Pather villagers are illegal immigrants and they are responsible for the murder of Ananda Das. They even ravaged and torched some homes. Dramatically, the District administration has immediately moved into action on 24 th Nov 2017 and forcibly evicted almost 60 families from their lands.

The evictions did not stop with Sipajhar. On 27 th November, 2017, they were carried out in the Amchang reserve forest around Guwahati. 700 families were evicted from the forest land alleging them as illegal encroachers. While Sipajhar evictions were carried in the name of an order from the High court, the Amchang evictions were carried out on the demand of Bajrang Dal activists. The Amchang eviction received much flak from every section of Assamese society as the evicted people were largely from Mishing and Bodo communities who lost their lands in Majuli, Lakhimpur, Dhemaji due to river erosion. These evicted people were left with no rehabilitation, no roof over their head.

The Sipajhar evictions were sought to be justified by portraying the villagers as illegal immigrants. But the fact is, almost all of them are legitimate citizens of Assam having voter ID cards. Their earlier generations moved from places like Jonia in Barpeta to escape poverty and river erosion. The people were further tricked into buying the Govt. lands from the locals of Kuruwa. The ruling party
got them voted in the 2016 elections but when it came to their right over the lands they branded the same people as illegal immigrants and illegally and forcibly evicted them from their own lands.

Coming to Amchang evictions, here, the tribal people are coexisting with nature and sustaining it for ages. But they are accused of ruining the forest resources. The Govt. has evicted these people on the allegation that they are destroying the ecology. As per the May 2017 notification of the Central govt. some of the evicted villages are revenue villages. They are marked as the Eco-sensitive villages, but they are not a part of reserved forest. According to the govt.’s own admittance, encroachment had taken place in some parts of Amchang much before they were notified as a Reserve Forest in 2004. But , in violation of laws, the commercial resorts, cement industries and the army firing range are allowed to continue in the reserved forest area.

The government is engaged in this massive displacement of people only as part its policy to hand over lands to the foreign companies and Indian Corporate Houses. It is removing the people from in and around Guwahati. The rulers consider Guwahati as an emerging a Geo-strategic industrial and logistical hub through which goods and services will be funneled to the neighboring states. It is also said that the areas like Sipajhar, Morigaon, Boko,Chaygaon etc. are important to sustain Guwahati as an industrial hub. All this is only a part of govt.’s larger policy of privatization. It is acting like an enabler. Providing easy access to large tracts of land to the MNCs and Indian Corporate Houses is a first step in this. Land acquisition continues to be difficult. So branding a part of the people as illegal immigrants, illegal encroachers, inciting the communal forces and tensions against them have become a part of the game for the BJP rulers in Assam to divide the people, set one section of people agents another, weaken their struggle, use brutal repression and push through their eviction drive more easily and even absolve themselves from the responsibility of providing proper compensation and rehabilitation to the people.

The rulers in Assam are talking much about saving ecological resources. But they almost destroyed the Patkai hills by allowing open mining in different parts of the state. They allowed the extraction of large amount of industrial wood from areas falling under Rabha Hasong Autonomous Councils and Chirang in BTAD. Huge tracts of land in the tribal belt were already handed over to the outfits like Patanjali and Dabur, etc. Clearly, the rulers are feasting a handful of fatty big business concerns by looting and starving the poor millions all in the name of development. On one side, the MNCs and Indian big business are allowed to massively and endlessly gobble the lands and other means of people’s livelihood. On the other side, every year a large part of State’s land is lost because of
erosions turning a large number of people homeless and landless. Hence, fight against the invasion into their lands and means of livelihood by the imperialists and Indian big business; for radical land reforms and a democratic, national and pro-people development policy has become most essential and urgent task of our people.

Friday, December 15, 2017


The Importance of Ideological and Political struggle in building Revolutionary Movement.

Com. Subodh Mitra

We are here to celebrate the Great October Socialist Revolution. Hundred years ago in 1917 under the leadership of Bolshevik Party led by Comrade Lenin the people seized the power overthrowing the tsarist regime. The Bolshevik Party, Com. Lenin and the entire Central Committee had to encounter the external and internal conspiracies inside and outside the party before and after the revolution. So it was a very hard and long drawn struggle. As you know that Lenin started his carrier as a professional revolutionary as a Marxist just at the age of twenty years. And he actually not died. He was a victim of bullet injury. He finally died in the year 1924 at the age of 55 years only. So his life pan was shortened. A man of 55 years old had created a new hope for theentire working class of the world. While preparing for the revolution just before the First World War Lenin had told that there can be no revolution without a revolutionary party. So in his work, he had given a very strong importance to the building of a revolutionary party. The Bolshevik party was a product of the struggle for the party. The Bolshevik party was formed in 1912. In Russia, the struggle had to be waged against Narodism, revisionism, Trotskyism and socialist revolutionaries – all kinds of people who were actually the direct agents of imperialism.

Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848 with the aim of developing the Communist Movement at the international level. In 1864, the Communist International was formed as a platform of working class movement. But even then Marx had to fight against the enemies within. In the Communist International, there were people who took the name of Marx every day. Bakunin used to tell that Marx was more than his father to him. But the same man said he hated the Jews. Marx happened to be a Jew. So Bakunin’s struggle was to destroy Jews, ie., Marx and Engels. And he conspired. He had taken money from the imperialist powers. He purchased many workers in the head quarters and finally the First International had collapsed. In 1871, there was the Paris Commune. The workers held power for 71 days. This was the first time the workers had successfully seized the power. But because of inexperience, the absence of a Communist Party and strong revolutionary leadership it failed. After the collapse of the First International, the Second International came into being under the leadership of Engels. But this Second International, in the period of First World War during 1914-19, the line of peaceful transformation of society was brought to the fore under the leadership of Karl Kautsky. He said Marxism cannot be implemented; Marxism needs to be changed in view of the changed international situation. He said that the balance of powers had changed between the workers and imperialist powers. So there is no question of revolutionary change; the revolution can be brought and completed by peaceful means. This was the line when the First World War had begun in 1914. This was called Kautskyism. It influenced the German Communist party and the parties in various other countries, including Russia.

So Lenin was of the view that the revolution was not possible without waging the struggle against the revisionist ideas called Kautskyism. He had seen that Marx had said in the last para of the Communist Manifesto that the “Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims” and their aims can be achieved only through a forcible overthrow of the existing order. No revolutionary change is possible in the society without the destruction of the existing order. Lenin had taken the lessons from the experiences of Paris Commune, 1905 Russian revolution and the February Revolution of Russia (1914). He wrote three important works, like “The Lessons of Revolution”; “Fundamental Questions of Revolution” and “Renegade Kautsky and Proletarian Revolution.” He had exposed Kautsky and called him a ‘social-imperialist.’ He said, Kautsky had actually betrayed the working class, acts as a reactionary and revisionist agent of imperialism. In these three ideological works Lenin had categorically said that without armed overthrow, without a party which is steeled, strong and capable to lead the working class and also without foiling this kind of conspiracy internally the revolution cannot be achieved. He also called for an ideological struggle
against various ideas alien to Marxism. So, naturally, the revolution had advanced with this kind of struggle. In 1917 Lenin was in exile. Stalin was arrested. After the 1917 February Revolution, Lenin arrived Petrograd. Stalin came to know of this. He escaped from the custody while he was being taken by the tsarist army for the purpose of forcing him to serve in the army. He walked on foot in the severe cold atmosphere and reached Moscow. He met Lenin in Petrograd. This was the time when the revolutionary peoples’ movement was growing into a mighty upsurge. Lenin gave the party the April Thesis which said that the time has matured for the seizure of power by the proletariat and for the socialist revolution. It said that the Bolsheviks can and must seize power. Then, what about Trotsky? He was the editor of a paper. Just before three months of the seizure of power he came to Moscow, contacted Lenin and joined the Bolshevik party. Perhaps, Lenin thought that he may be helpful for revolution. But Trotsky took it as an opportunity. He became a Minister. But Trotsky continued to work against Lenin even after joining the Bolshevik party. His line was, the revolution and socialism are not possible in a single Country. He advocated a ‘world
revolution.’ In spite of this, he was given the membership of the Bolshevik Party and also an important position in the Central Committee. However, the Bolshevik blueprint of revolution was leaked by Trotsky and Zinoviev. These two were the important members of the Central Committee. It was leaked to the enemies. Lenin and Stalin could expose comrades and were able to lead the proletariat to seize power. Once the power was seized, the question before the Bolsheviks was how to sustain it. First World War was going on at the time for a division of loot and territories among the imperialist powers. Russia was encircled by the German forces. And also in Siberia and other parts of Russia there were forces of the so called allied (imperialist) powers which were opposing Germany. The American, British and other imperialist powers thought that the Soviet power cannot survive for long. They thought that the Bolshevik party is too weak and therefore cannot sustain power. They hatched the conspiracies. They have sent a British agent to Moscow to carry out the conspiracy to liquidate the Bolshevik leaders. And in 1918, Sidney Ralle got the report that on 21 st August, 1918 the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party was going to meet in Moscow in a theater house. He reported that he had purchased a security chief Wendie by paying him 50,000 rubles as an advance. This security chief of the central Committee was supposed to guard and provide the security to the Central Committee. But, unexpectedly,the Central Committee meeting was deferred to September 8 th . On Sept, 7 th, when Lenin was coming out of a factory after giving a lecture, he was shot by a British agent. The upper portion of Lenin’s lungs was damaged. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. The conspiracy was to arrest all the Central Committee members together with Lenin, take them along the street and shoot all of them down in the open day light. This conspiracy was foiled because of the vigilance of Red guards, vigilance of Stalin all
the conspirators were arrested. Somehow Ralle could escape from Moscow. But, as Lenin was shot one day before the Central Committee meeting, naturally, his health went on deteriorating. It was really sad even though he lived for three more years and played an active role. Before this shooting incident, the Germans were controlling some Russian territories. So the peace talks were to be held between Russia and Germany. At that time, Trotsky was the Foreign Secretary. He was sent to peace talks to sign the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty. The Central Committee and Lenin gave specific instructions to Trotsky. But Trotsky had shown no interest in it. He violated all the instructions and as a result the treaty could not be signed. Germany attacked the Russian territory in three fronts. As a result, the Petrograd and Moscow were on the verge of collapse. The Red Guards and the armed workers and peasants actually stopped the German forces from annexing the territories. Another team was sent to Brest-Litovsk to negotiate and sign the peace treaty. Trotsky was excluded from the team. A treaty was signed at the cost of losing some territories. Trotsky hoped and believed that the Bolsheviks cannot sustain, but collapse. He hatched conspiracies but failed.

After a long time in 1957, Khrushchev raked up the question whether Stalin’s leadership had Lenin’s approval knowing well that Stalin was elected as the General Secretary of the Party right in the presence of Lenin and Lenin was clear in his evaluation of Stalin as well as in his choice of Stalin as the General Secretary of the Party. Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev and others sought to make use of a small incident where Stalin was said to have behaved rudely to sow misunderstanding and blow it into a rift between Lenin and Stalin. But they miserably failed. Stalin was very much annoyed by these attempts. He made an open apology. He submitted his resignation before the Party Plenum. But the Plenum had unanimously decided Stalin to continue as the General Secretary of the Party. Trotsky and his group too accepted it. Again, in the Party too Stalin had placed his resignation letter. The entire Congress including Trotsky had rejected his resignation letter and asked him to continue as the General Secretary. Then Stalin wrote, ‘yes Comrades, I am rude. I am rude to those who try to turn the wheel of history back. Sorry, I cannot be polite. This is my task.’ Trotsky never stopped his conspiracies. Even after Lenin’s death, he wrote several things. The discussion on the questions of building socialism, industrialization of Russia was very much needed. The Five Years Plan was prepared by Stalin and successfully implemented. Socialism was advancing, new industries and new working class were coming up as a result. But, on the other side, the
conspiracies continued. Trotsky and followers formed themselves into a group called ‘Fifth Column’ consisting of 500 people and three layers of leadership. One would be headed by Trotsky himself. It was the first group. The second group of leadership was in the hands of Bukharin as he was the Minister. He was able to contact the people if the first group was exposed. The third group was under the leadership of Kamenev. This conspiracy went on. The Bolshevik party and Stalin were vigilant against this conspiracy. Stalin gave more responsibilities to these conspirators so that they can get exposed. Finally in 1929, these conspirators decided to kill Stalin as the only way to kill best of the Bolsheviks. Com. Stalin, Com. Kaganovich, Com. Molotov, Com.kinov, Com. Maxim Gorky, and other Comrades were in the top of the list of 42 people they wanted to kill. This is history. Now it is known to every- body. They could kill many of them.

In 1935, when Kirov was coming out from a political meeting, he was shot dead. The culprit was caught and the whole conspiracy was exposed. First, Trotsky was sent to Siberia. The Bolshevik Party gave him money and everything to live Siberia. But in Siberia too he continued his conspiracy. Driven out from Siberia, he first came to Turkey’s Constantinople. He went there on the plea of leading a world revolution. But his main objective was to destroy Socialist Russia and give a new turn to the world proletariat. Turkey’s Communist Party led a huge struggle against the govt. there to get Trotsky a shelter. The imperialist powers too were pressing the Turkish govt. for it. So he was sent to Constantinople, an island, to provide him a shelter. From there he continued his activities. Please let me be brief. Maxim Gorky was killed. His son was killed in 1936. Best Bolsheviks were killed. But Stalin’s leadership had succeeded in exposing the conspiracies and finally there was a Moscow trail. All the hard core revisionist leaders like Kamenev, Zinoviev, Rykov, Tomsky, and Bukharin accepted their crimes. They confessed and finally punished. This was the history. An unparalleled incident in open camera and all the international representatives were sitting. In the open camera and Supreme Court had the hearing and gave its verdict and many convicted persons were shot dead. The first phase of Moscow trail the conspiracy was exposed. Then came the Second World War. As we all know, under the leadership of Stalin the struggle against Fascism became victorious. The whole world was saved. It was the struggle led by Stalin that defeated fascism headed by Hitler and protected socialism and led to its advance. And thirty years under his leadership the socialism advanced winning many victories.

So, Comrades! To conclude from the Great Russian October Socialist Revolution, the imperialists are the enemies of Socialism and Marxism. The imperialists always try to wage wars, hatch conspiracies against the proletariat, against the socialist ideas, against the proletarian ideology. So we have to wage the ideological struggle. We must be vigilant. We have to build and develop the
Communist Party, taking lessons from the Russian revolution, Lenin’s concept of the Party and the way he had developed the Bolshevik Party.

 Today we have to develop such a party and wage struggle, concrete struggle. Today, as you know, the ruling classes are very active. The Soviet Union had collapsed because of the betrayers. Today we are living in a very crisis ridden situation. So, taking lessons from the Russian revolution, remembering Lenin’s struggle, remembering the victorious socialist revolution in 1917 we have to pledge to go ahead, to march ahead and protect Marxism-Leninism.

Inquilab Zindabad


Saturday, November 4, 2017


Let us Take the Message of Socialist Revolution to the People.
Let us Make the Centenary Commemoration Meeting a Success.
November 7 at Gymkhana Grounds, Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh.
CPI(ML) CC Statement.

November 7 – a memorable day for all the working class, oppressed and toiling people. Hundred years back, on this day, the Russian people led by Lenin, Bolshevik Party had overthrown the rule of exploiting classes and raised the flag of victory of Socialist Revolution. On this day, a most inspiring, promising and beautiful future, a new life was unveiled before the eyes of vast masses of world people who were being crushed under the heavy and oppressive chariot wheels of feudal, colonial, capitalist and autocratic rulers. On this day,the revolutionary people of Russia had emphatically proved in practice that the mighty exploiting systems and the rule of exploiting classes inevitably collapse like castles of cards if the exploited and oppressed masses of people get united and organized under the leadership of working class and rise in revolution. The Russian Socialist Revolution – popularly known as the October Revolution – is a tremendous revolutionary victory, a leap forward in the prolonged struggle of the human beings for a change and progress. This is a victory of the working class, oppressed and toiling people of the entire world.

During 1900 – 1917, the Russian Proletariat led the democratic revolution first against the feudal exploitation and oppression and the tsarist autocratic rule. The working class, peasants, oppressed nations and all the toiling people had united in this revolution. They waged countless small and big struggles in the midst of repression and wrong trends. Millions of workers and peasants rose in waves of struggles. They have learn from the defeat of 1905 Revolution. The proletariat has done a patient, determined and relentless work to unite and further strengthen the worker – peasant alliance and succeeded too.

From the beginning, Lenin had guided and led the Russian revolution. This had ensured a dependable guarantee for the victory of democratic and socialist revolutions in Russia. Lenin had applied Marxism and revolutionary experiences to the Russian conditions and the practice of crores of people. He had developed a correct path, tactics and methods of work that led the revolution to victory. More particularly, he emphasized that the proletariat alone can and must lead the democratic revolution through to the end and win the socialist revolution. He taught that a Communist Party, Bolshevik Party which shuns all kinds of deviationist trends, which is genuine, sacrificing, disciplined, with unwavering confidence in the revolutionary potential of the people and which is having countless dedicated cadres and leaders linked with the masses of people in all their conditions and provide the leadership to them. Lenin had tirelessly worked to build such a Party. Stalin was Lenin’s closest comrade in arms in all phases of struggle and provided the leadership.

Led by Lenin, the Russian people foiled the conspiracy of tsarist rulers who colluded with a group of imperialist powers in the first world war to destroy the Russian Revolution. “Oppose the imperialist war; intensify the civil war” - this call of Lenin became a battle cry for the Russian people and a death bell for the exploiting rulers. The revolutionary waves of crores of workers, peasants, armed forces and other oppressed people that erupted in Russia had grown into a great revolutionary upsurge and swept away the exploiting rulers. The flag of victory of Socialist Revolution was unfurled everywhere in Russia.

The Socialist Revolution in Russia is a great victory for the practice of Marxism. It took Marxism, Communist Party and the tasks of Proletariat to every nook and corner of the world. It inspired to take up this task. The Communist Parties had emerged in China and India only in this light. Their activities had expanded.

The proletarian state in Russia under Lenin and Stalin introduced and implemented the new policies totally different from those of the exploiting systems. The exploitation of man by man, a nation by another nation was abolished; the exploitation of labour and inequalities were banished; colonialism, imperialism, aggression, interference and war policies were rejected. The Socialist Russia stood as a most dependable ally of the nations struggling for independence and liberation and people’s revolutions. The solidarity and support of the Socialist Russia greatly helped the people of various countries, including China in sustaining, advancing and winning the revolutions.
At the time when the imperialist powers were in a serious economic crisis, in a dog fight among themselves for a better share in the loot, the Socialist Russia was in a better economic and political situation and advancing. In the second world war, the imperialist powers had conspired to destroy the Socialist Russia and turn the outcome of the war in their own favor. The role played by the Socialist Russia under the leadership of Stalin in foiling these conspiracies, in inflicting a death blow on German Fascism and in seriously weakening imperialism is unprecedented and historic.

The failure of imperialists and Fascists in their frenzied attempts to turn the wheel of human progress some decades backward had given a great push to the advance of world revolution. The Peoples Democratic Revolutions were successful in East European Countries. The New Democratic Revolution was victorious in China under the leadership of Chines Communist Party and Mao. Revolutions advanced in a number of Asian, African and Latin American Countries.

The World Communist Movement came to lead Socialist,Peoples or New Democratic States, powerful class and revolutionary movements and enjoy extensive prestige and popularity among the democratic and peace-loving forces in the world. Thus it emerged as a powerful political force in the world arena which can challenge imperialism and reactionary forces. It can be said as a most inspiring and highest stage in the life of World Communist and Revolutionary Movement.

However , the theories of Khrushchev in 1956 had set Russia on the road of reversal and capitalist restoration. The entire World Communist and Revolutionary movement suffered a serious setback. The Capitalist Restoration had gained an upper hand, in China too after Mao. It inflicted one more serious setback to Communist and Revolutionary movement. It was a most painful development for the Communist, Progressive, Democratic, Peace-loving forces and the world people as a whole. But, the exploiting ruling classes and imperialists who themselves are in neck deep and inextricable crisis, rocked by the contradictions among themselves and encircled by the ever rising flames of people’s discontent, anger and struggle owing to their utter failure to solve any problems of the people are making many feats to show these setbacks as their own victory. They are preaching that the people now are left with no other way except living under the capitalist system. They are circulating tons of literature in the world to drown the people in feelings of demoralization, despair, surrender, defeatism, retrogression, reactionary ideas and cultures.

In the face of these adverse developments, the Communist Revolutionaries in India are holding high the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung Thought. They are trying to develop the Class Struggles and Revolutionary Movements. They are carrying on this revolutionary work in the face of repression by ruling classes and their tactics to divide and divert the people. They are struggling to overcome the deviationist trends manifesting in the movement and in the midst of ups and downs and setbacks facing he movement.

On the eve of completion of 100 years of Russia’s Socialist Revolution, the CPI(ML) is holding a meeting in Vijayawada (AP) on November 7, 2017 to widely take the Message of Socialist Revolution to the people. We hope that this meeting will help to understand the questions like how this revolution was achieved? How it withstood? How it fought Imperialism and Fascism? What inspiration and strength this revolution gave to the people fighting throughout the world for socialism, democracy, independence and peace? The representatives from various states are massively participating in this meeting. There will be cultural programmes by the people’s artists. We invite the Communist sympathizers and people to attend the program in large number. We appeal to all to extend liberal help and cooperation in all possible forms for the success of the program.

With Revolutionary Greetings,

Central Committee


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