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By July 28, 2016 forty years have elapsed since the martyrdom of our beloved leader Comrade Tarimela Nagi Reddy. This is the solemn occasion to commemorate and memorise our great leader by recollecting for what he fought and strove through his entire life and died and to pay our homage to our beloved leader Com T.N, by rededicating ourselves to the revolutionary tasks in the light of the path shown by him and his teachings.

Com T.N is a great revolutionary-communist leader. He is an exemplary Marxist-Leninist intellectual. His sole and life-long objective was to resurrect the great glory of the Indian people and the Indian nation. Thus he was a patriot of the highest order. He has shone as a hero in the field of revolutionary politics of India. He was a great person who sacrificed every-thing in his life to the cause of Indian revolution. He is one of the best proponents of the theory of communist revolution in India.

He has studied in detail and depth about the pitiable conditions and their cause which have been looming in India even after a period of so-called independence of India in 1947 and analysed them with a true Marxist-Leninist perspective. He reached to the irrefutable conclusion that only transfer of power has occurred between the British colonialists and ruling-classes of India in 1947, but not independence to India in 1947.

He has concentrated his attention of his study particularly on the role of foreign capital in India; and its adverse effects on Indian economy. He had drawn the correct conclusion that inviting foreign capital to India is nothing but inviting imperialist exploitation, and total submission to imperialism.

He proved that even after 25 years of the so-called proclamation of independence, economic independence of India has become a mirage. He, with his astute analysis, has proved that India is still a semi-colonial and semi-feudal country. Basing on these conclusions drawn by him, he considered the Indian National Liberation struggle has not yet concluded and he explained that it is the duty of Indian people to continue the struggle with steadfastness and vigour. Teaching that the Communist revolutionaries of India have to re-build the revolutionary Communist Party, with the discipline of the past, with selfless sacrifice, basing on strong foundations of proper theory and path and have to build a strong revolutionary organisation.

Throughout his life Com. T.N. has tirelessly strove to realise this objective with utmost dedication. Through his court-statement called ‘India Mortgaged’ he proved the inevitability and the imminent necessity of a new democratic revolution to occur in India. The formulations made by Com T.N. and the conclusions drawn by him are as relevant today, as when they were made 45 years back.

He had properly and fairly warned that the foreign capital and investments in India, instead of causing the development of Indian economy would drain the wealth of India in different forms, and that poverty, illiteracy and unemployment in India would increase in to unimaginable proportions.

He categorically and clearly warned that with the foreign capital and investments in India will fall in to total dependence on foreign powers (imperialists). Basing on the available data on the flow of foreign capital in to India by 1972 itself and on the details of its impacts affecting Indian economy, he properly concluded that ‘India was mortgaged’ to foreign capital.

In these 40 years after the demise of Com T.N, to facilitate the easy flow of foreign direct investment into India, the gates have been fully opened. To facilitate the free exploitation of India by foreign direct capital more opportunities, protections and exemptions are provided. To provide a dominant role to the foreign direct capital in Indian economy, the main lifeline of the people of India-the agricultural sector has been totally neglected and forcibly pushed into severe crises. The base for the sustenance of farmers (peasants)-the agricultural arable land-is being forcibly acquired by the government and is legally being donated to the big-capital, multinational giant corporates to pursue their real estate ambitions or corporate farming. For the protection of the interests of the FDI, the constitutional rights of the people of India are being rescinded (abolished) and withdrawn.

In a systematic process, now 100% of FDI entry is admitted into key and important sectors of our country. The legal restrictions and laws regulating the entry of FDI are totally removed. Into the fields of defence, pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing, civil aviation, single brand retail sector, e- commerce sector in food products the entry of 100% of FDI is permitted.

Now, inviting the FDI, protecting the interests of FDI and making it happy has become the sole objective, purpose and duty of the central and state governments of India. Previously only the central government is used to permit and decide the fields in to which the FDI is allowed and regulate it. But presently even the rulers of the state governments are touring foreign countries and inviting FDIs in to their states with a begging bowl in their hands. All this is happening under the pretext of federalism and in the name of supplementing domestic capital, technology and skills for accelerated economic growth.

But in reality neither the economic growth is occurring nor the technology nor are skills being transferred to India. The very experience of our country is proving that the FDI is controlling our economy and that the technology is not being imparted and made available to our reach.

Due to the FDI flow into India instead of the reduction of the problem of the balance of payments, it has been increasing day by day. Had there not been the home remittances of the poor workers in the Gulf countries, our country would have totally drowned in the problem of balance of payments.In proportion to the FDI inflows in to our country, the outflow of money in foreign exchange is increasing considerably.

According to the available official data, it is revealed that more amounts than the actual inflow of FDI are being repatriated and such an outflow is increasing abnormally. In 2015 the external debt to India stands to be 24% of the G.D.P. of India; and is increasing every year. According to the RBI report, in the period between 2009-10 and 2014-15, outflows due to repatriations, dividends and payments for technology constituted a major foreign exchange drain-nearly one-half of theequity inflows during that period.

The same reports tells that during the same period subsidiaries of foreign countries operating in India ran negative trade balances in almost all manufacturing sub-sectors. Together with remittances and other payments, foreign subsidiaries in more sectors regularly drew out surplus which looks quite large when compared with the capital that the foreign companies were bringing in.

Apart from the direct costs, the foreign investors are able to extract indirect benefits from our economy by using bilateral investment promotion and protection agreements (BIPA). The foreign investors have been challenging the tax liabilities imposed by the Indian government before private international panels; in the name of investor-state dispute settlements (ISDS).

The data provided by UN conference on trade and development (UNCTAD), reveals that the share of reinvested earnings constitute only a part of the FDI outflows, by the developing countries.

Recently Edinburgh-based Cairn energy had challenged the claim of the Indian government for a retrospective tax levy of Rs 29,047 crore, filing a claim to the international arbitration panel, demanding 18% higher than the amount demanded as retrospective tax levy. It claims $ 5.6 billion as a compensation from the government, if it is proceeding of tax demands.

Very recently the Deutsche Telekom, Devas has won an appeal against Antrix Corp, the commercial arm of India’s space energy ISRO, before the court of the permanent case of Arbitration (PCA) at Hague, under the arbitration rules of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and the international court of arbitration asked Antrix to pay $ 672 million ( Rs 4,400 crore) to Devas for having India breached its bilateral treaty with Mauritius to accord equitable treatment to foreign investors.

These are the clear examples of how the very sovereignty of India is being undermined and dis honoured by FDI in India. Very recently C.A.G. found out that six telecom operators-RCom, Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata have underreported their revenues of their accounts leading to a loss of Rs 12,488.93 crores in tax to the exchequer from 2006 to 2010. The CAG has also revealed the true face of financial fraud perpetuated on the peoples’ savings in the form NPAs of the banks, by the big-capital. As on March 31, 2015 the NPAs amounted to Rs 3 lakh crores,while over 40% (1.21 lakh crore) is due to 30 corporates. Ten state-run banks suffered losses of over Rs. 15,000 crores in the fourth quarter of 2015-16 financial year due to the NPAs gobbled by the corporates.

The CAG stated that ‘a large part of the advances (NPAs) may have been transferred abroad and may never be recovered. The award of London Court of international arbitration against breach of the joint venture agreement between Tata sons and Docomo, to pay $ 1.17 billion to Docomo, to exercise its exist option of the joint venture agreement again reveals how the FDI trade agreements favour the foreign investors with one sided and uneven terms to the disadvantage of Indian partners.
Today the fresh corporate debt in India is supposed to be growing at 50% of the nominal GDP growth.

Thus the FDI is not only playing havoc with Indian economy but is also making India totally dependent on it. The rulers, ruling-classes and particularly the comprador bourgeoisie are wholly responsible to this degraded condition of the dependency of our country on foreign investments.

Now it will not be an exaggeration if we call “INDIA- THE TOTALLY DEPENDENT COUNTRY” in the light of the outlook and perspective shown by Com. T.N. in his outstanding conclusions that ‘India was Mortgaged’.

On one hand the outflow and drain of great wealth from India and on the other hand the ever increasing poverty, inequality, unemployment and ill health into boundless proportions is the pitiable scene of India which has been overwhelmingly drowned by FDIs.

As Comrade T.N. had questioned with a just and patriotic anger “can any citizen with a grain of patriotism in him can remain silent without revolving against such a degrading state of affairs to resurrect the great glory of the Indian people and the Indian nation?”

That is why let us march forward in the path shown by our beloved leader Com T.N., to move the people to fight against these shameful conditions duly exposing the machinations and illusions and tactics propagated and practiced by the rulers and ruling-classes! Let us pledge to rededicate to our revolutionary task of continuing a new democratic revolution to success, overthrowing the system of the imperialist and feudal forces and their henchmen comprador bourgeoisie and establish a people’s new democratic system! This alone will be the fitting homage to our departed beloved.

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Modi's visit to US: All the Way to Washington to Genuflect.
(these articles published in CLASS STRUGGLE, monthly organ of CPI(ML).

In yet another visit the US, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have agreed to all the demands made by the US imperialist monsters. This process of overtly aligning with the US imperialism began when Vajpayee was the PM and continued through the UPA and NDA governments.

According to press reports quoting diplomatic sources, the US officials expressed their “displeasure” over the slow pace of reforms, particularly in the field of market access, intellectual property rights, retrospective tax and goods and services tax, in official-level joint meeting.

On his part, Modi assured Obama that the issues related to the market access for US companies will be thrashed out in the Trade Policy Forum due to be held before the end of this year. Modi immediately generated business to US companies by agreeing to start preparatory work on the designated site in India for six AP 1000 nuclear reactors to be built by the Westinghouse and to the finance package for this project to be arranged by the Export- Import Bank of US. The finalization of the contract will be signed in June 2017. There is a confusion in the Indian press whether the Westinghouse reactors would be erected in Gujarat or Andhra Pradesh. The joint statement merely said it will be at a designated place. Modi described this as the “largest of its kind”, he did not only paid attention to the safety of Indian people but also not even bothered to calculate the cost of electricity to the end-user. For this break- neck speed decision, Modi is rewarded with a promise to support fully the entry of India into Nuclear Supply Group and Missile Technology Control Regime. Back home Modi presented this as a symbol of Superpower status for India. Notwithstanding these claims, it is clear that India’s civil nuclear programme will be under full control of the US imperialism.

The joint statement announced the ‘finalisation of the text of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement” which will be signed shortly. This will give access to the Indian military bases for US armed forces as a routine affair. Modi went a step ahead and said India is open to other such
agreements, such as Communication and Information Security Memorandum of agreement, which would facilitate further expansion of bilateral defence co-operation in practical ways”. The military ties between the two countries further pushed with Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) which included items covering naval systems, air systems and other weapon systems. The US promised to assist India in building an aircraft carrier. Thus knot by knot the US imperialists are toeing India closer to its strategic aims as a junior partner.

This is clearly visible when it comes to the so- called co-operation on Asia –Pacific region. As a part of “US-India Joint Strategic Vision for the Asia- Pacific and Indian Ocean Region”. Though the joint statement used subtle words in this regard, the US imperialism pinned down India to specific action such as US-India maritime security dialogue and road map to become Priority partners in this region. India is made a part of the US hegemonic design which makes India to confront China in South China sea. This ties India to the chariot wheels of the US’s world hegemonic designs.

Back home Modi showed his servile nature to imperialist masters. Within a fortnight, his government allowed 100 per cent FDI in defence production, aviation retail business, pharmaceuticals through automatic route. The only sectors which are not allowed for the entry of FDIs are lottery, gambling, real estate investment trusts, atomic energy and Railway operations. This will give away every sector of Indian economy to the imperialist domination conceding the demand for more access to the Indian market by the imperialist companies.It plans to perpetuate the dependence of India for its military needs on the imperialist countries, particularly US imperialism. With their regional hegemonic ambitions, the Indian ruling classes will resort to raking up national chauvinism against the neighbouring countries to divert the people’s attention from the hegemonic designs of imperialist powers as well as regional ambitions of Indian ruling elite in south Asia and Indian Ocean.

This should be stopped. India needs an independent, sovereign foreign policy that serves the interests if the country and people by establishing good economic and friendly relations with the
neighbouring countries and by not joining hands with the imperialist powers against the other countries particularly the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. We must oppose the campaign that sings peons about the virtues of US-India alliance and demand that India
should come out of the clutches of US imperialism.


Orlando Massacre in the US: Unending Wars abroad – Escalating Violence at Home.

A lone gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, 29 years, killed 50 people and injured 53 more at an LGBT nightclub, the Pulse, in Orlando, Florida state early morning of 12th June. He was son of immigrants from Afghanistan and US citizen. He was killed in firefight with police.
At the time of shooting, the nightclub was packed with 350 people who had turned out for a music night. Many of the victims were Hispanic. What was going in the mind of Omar Mateen will likely never be known with any certainty.

However it is clear that this horrific tragedy in Orlando is only the latest in a series of bloody incidents. Omar Mateen made a call to 911 (emergency number) at the time of attack declaring his allegiance to the ISIS. Just hours after the attack, the ISIS declared that it was “carried out by an Islamic state fighter”. The truth in this claim may not be ascertained, but it thoroughly exposes the reactionary nature of ISIS.

The FBI acknowledged that it questioned Mateen three times, twice in 2013 in connection with his alleged inflammatory statement and in 2014 in relation to his possible ties to Moner Mohammad Abu Salha, who grew up in Florida and went to fight for an Islamist militia in the US-backed war for regime change in Syria. The FBI said that Mateen did not pose a threat. Mateen’s father said that his son voiced strong anti-gay sentiments and his son’s actions had “nothing to do with religion” So, the exact nature of Mateen’s motives remains unclear. The FBI also was skeptic about the claim of ISIS that his fighter had committed this crime.

Mateen worked for a private security contractor that served government agencies providing security personnel. So he had firearms and security officer’s licenses. So it is not correct to attribute the crime to the availability of firearms in the US society. Mateen lived in fort Pierce, 120 miles away from Florida city, where one third of the population subsists below the poverty line and the official unemployment rate is over 16 per cent.

The lone-gunmen-attacks have become virtually a daily fact of life in the US. There were 280 mass shootings in the US in 2014. There were 372 mass shootings in 2015 leaving 475 dead and 1870 wounded. In 2016 until now there were 175 such incidents. A look at the mass shooting statistics reveals a disproportionately large number of such incidents in the US and they were carried out in the US by all types of people. They are not performed by one religion or ethnic group.

Hence attributing Orlando massacre to the Islamic terrorism has no substantial evidence and smells of a political drama.The US witnessed escalating murderous violence at home in parallel with unending wars abroad. The US imperialist military continuously engaged since 2001
in invasions, bombings, drone strikes and “targeted assassinations” that had claimed the lives of over a million people in predominantly Muslim countries. As a corollary, or to use the US imperialist term, “collateral damage”, the US imperialist masters whipped up the most
reactionary ideologies to justify discrimination and violence against immigrants in general and Muslims in particular and to encourage the most backward homophobic sentiment.

In this process, they intensified the state repression in the US and escalated wars abroad. Within hours of the incident, the US media and political leaders claimed that it was a terrorist attack stemming from regressive religious doctrine. Barack Obama said that it was “an act of terror and an act of hate” while he authorized recently escalation of 15-year old US war in Afghanistan. His former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton said there is “need to defend our country from threats at home and abroad that means defeat terror groups, go after them wherever they are”.

Her Republican rival Donald Trump utilized this massacre to bolster his anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry. He claimed that “our leaders are weak. That is why such incidents are happening. I will not allow them to happen”.

The aim of the US imperialist ruling elite is to intimidate, frighten and disorient the American people with the spectre of terrorism in order to distract attention from the irreconcilable crisis it has landed, thus deciding the political discourse to get the approval for its acts to escalation of wars abroad and intensified attacks on the rights and conditions of the working class.

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{This article published in 'CLASS STRUGGLE',the monthly Organ of CPI(ML).
From Strategic Partnership to Logistic Exchange Surrender to US Hegemonic Designs.
The US Defence secretary Ashton Carter’s three day visit to India had further “deepened” bilateral military security ties between the two countries. On 12th April in a joint statement, Carter and his Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar announced that Washington and New Delhi have”agreed in principle” on logistic exchange agreement under which the US military will be able to routinely use Indian bases and ports for resupply, repairs and rest.
They said expansion of US-INDO military ties meant new “practical mechanisms” were needed, and had agreed to finalise a Logistic Exchange memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) “in the coming months” with a draft agreement to be ready “in a month if not weeks”.
The LEMOA has far reaching military and strategic implications for India and the world. Behind the backs of the Indian people and even not informing the Parliament, the BJP-led NDA government has been transforming India into a “frontline state” in US imperialist’s drive for world hegemony, particularly in Asia and encircling China and if need be wage war on China. The Indian ruling classes with their ambitions for regional hegemony are surrendering the interests of Indian people to the military designs of US imperialism.
The process of surrender accelerated with the advent of structural adjustment programmes dictated by the imperialist financial institutions. The Indian ruling classes and their political representatives, both UPA and NDA, formed a “strategic partnership” with Washington. During the decade and a half period since then, Indian military became the Pentagon’s most frequent partner in military exercises and became biggest buyer of weapons from the US. Indian navy became the provider of security to the shipping trade line along the Malacca straits. As the US designed its “pivot to Asia” policy in 2011, pressure from US imperialism had mounted to bring India into its hegemonic designs in Asia. Since Modi’s government came to the power, it moved aggressively to integrate India ever-more deeply into US imperialist military strategy.
During two years in power, the BJP government pushed this process further: signed “US-India Joint Strategic Vision Agreement for Asia Pacific region and Indian ocean” concurring with US aims in South China Sea; assisted the US in its regime change operation in the 2015 Sri Lankan presidential elections; included Japan as a permanent partner of the annual US-India Malabar naval exercises and in International Fleet Review held at Visakhapatnam; expanded relations with Japan and Australia – US’s principal allies in its pivot to Asia policy.
Modi’s government has also pressed forward with the implementation of a US-Indo “Defence Technology and Trade Initiative”, through which the US monopoly capital will have deals to co-produce and co-develop advanced weapon systems. By this the US wants to tie the Indian military to its production and make it dependent on US technology and support. Modi’s ‘Make in India’ slogan is only meant to hide this fact.
In this broader context of rapid expansion of US-Indian military ties, one has to grasp the real importance of LEMOA. Both the Indian and US officials down played the significance of LEMOA as it faced stiff resistance from the Indian people.
The US and its Pentagon usually signs with other countries the Logistic Support Agreements (LSA) which makes them to follow the military aggressions of the US imperialism and allows the US military free access to use the bases and ports of these countries. Both Carter and Parrikar claimed that LEMOA differs with LSA because it will operate on a case-by-case basis and India have the right to refuse a US request for assistance. They told that if Washington were to go to war, India would be under no obligation to allow the US military to continue to use its bases. There is no if, the US is waging wars continuously since 2001 in the Middle East and then in North Africa. Allowing it to use the Indian ports now means assisting the US wars of aggressions. The reciprocal benefit of using the US military facilities by India will not arise at all.
At the same time. Carter emphasized that the agreement is not about stationing US troops in India, but about making “it more routine and automatic for us to operate together”, which means that using of Indian ports and bases by the US military would be a routine affairs that needs no political decision. In the same breath, Carter suggested that US troops could be deployed in India, but only for specific mission, which he labeled as humanitarian. In his own words, “as and when a situation arises, like an earthquake or natural disaster that is when it is directed at”.
India suffers from natural disasters frequently and the Indian army is participating in relief operations. And there is no need for any foreign military troops to come to rescue that too by an agreement. Even a gullible man can see through the ruse meant to hoodwink the people. Humanitarian mission- sounds lofty, but in practice it becomes a plea for military intervention. Had not the Ethiopia a victim of US aggression in the name of humanitarian mission. Is it not the same in the aggression of Libya? While the US’s sanctions on Iraq killed five lakh children for lack of medicine, the US imperialism used false propaganda of Saddam Hussein stealing the ventilators from the Kuwait hospitals to justify its military aggression over Iraq. If LEMOA were to be signed it will open up India for the entry of US troops as and when wished by the Uncle Sam.
Carter proclaimed the US’s support for India’s plans for acquisition of warships, including the third aircraft carrier, saying Washington believes that India should be a “net exporter of security” to the region.
This is echoed in the joint statement: “reaffirmed the importance of safeguarding the maritime security and ensuring freedom of navigation and overflight throughout the Indo-Pacific region, including the South China Sea”. This is nothing but parroting of Washington’s line. It depicts China as the aggressor, while it is the US that has encouraged South-East Asian countries to press for maritime claims against China. Though the US imperialism portrays this as an act of ensuing the free flow of trade, its real aim is to ensure its warships have ready access to China’s coastal waters and control over the sea lines.
During his India visit, Carter promoted deals to both sell and produce in India the Lockheed Martin – made F-16 fighter jet and Boeing’s F/A 18 aircraft. Both the sides agreed to launch a bilateral maritime security dialogue led by high level defence and foreign affairs officials; to commence navy-to-navy discussions on anti-submarine warfare; and continue talks on a joint aircraft-carrier design project and the transfer to India of US catapult take-off technology.
India has yet again emerged as the world’s largest importer of arms, with Russia being the top supplier garnering 70% of the Indian market, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said in a report.
India’s imports, accounting for 14% of global arms imports, were three times greater than those of China and Pakistan, it said. The emergence of the US as a major supplier to India is a recent development. The US imports are also growing. They were 11 times higher in 2011–15 than in 2006–10. However, based on existing orders and weapons, Russia will remain, by a significant distance, the main supplier of major arms to India for the foreseeable future.
The LEMOA will be so designed as to increase India’s dependence on US imperialism for military supplies and follow the US wherever it goes into war. In this India becomes a menacing force to its neighbours in south Asia.
Indian ruling classes had signed a military co-operation treaty with Russian social imperialism following which they “liberated” East Pakistan to form Bangladesh. It interfered in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka as a part of super power rivalry between US and Russia. The treaty was allowed to expire after the social imperialism collapsed in in 1990. Up to that time, Indian government acted as a stooge to the Russian social imperialism. The proposed agreement with US imperialism will be of the same nature.
In all probability, LEMOA will be signed with US imperialism in the coming months. This will make India a junior partner in the military aggressions committed and to be committed by the US imperialism. It plans to perpetuate the dependence of India for its military needs on the imperialist countries, particularly US imperialism. With their regional hegemonic ambitions, the Indian ruling classes will resort to raking up national chauvinism against the neighbouring countries to divert the people’s attention from the hegemonic designs of imperialist powers as well as regional ambitions of Indian ruling elite in south Asia and Indian Ocean.
This should be stopped. The democratic and peace loving people and forces should join hands to express their protest against the surrender of Indian interests to US imperialism through military agreements and to force the ruling classes to retreat from their decision. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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