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Red Salutes to Comrade Kanu Sanyal - The Voice of Indian Revolution.


We are paying our revolutionary homage to our beloved leader Comrade Kanu Sanyal who left us five years back. His remembrance inspire us to persist in the mass line. In his 81 years of fruitful life, Comrade KS dedicated nearly 60 years to the communist movement. Since he was arrested for the first time in 1948, he spent 14 years in jail and many more years in underground life. Com. KS along with his comrades in arms made consistent effort to build peasant and workers movement in Darjeeling district implementing mass line and opposing right and left deviation. The result was the Naxalbari Peasant Uprising in 1967 that took the Indian society by storm.

The Indian ruling classes had brutally suppressed the Naxalbari and Srikakulam peoples movements, killing many leaders and activists of the movement and Adivasi people. The left sectarianism that raised its head in these movements became a hurdle for these movement to withstand the onslaught by the ruling classes. Neither the setback in the movement nor long years of prison life had mellowed down the revolutionary spirit of Com. KS. He waged relentless struggle against the left and right oppotunist trends while inside the jail as well as after coming out of it.

Comrades Devulapalli Venkateswara Rao, Tarimela Nagi Reddy, Chandra Pulla Reddy and Kola Venkaiah were in the forfront of the ideological and political struggle against revisionism, left and right deviations in the communist movement. By the 1970, ideological struggle against the adventurist line of CPI(ML) led by Com. Charu Mazumdar had begun both inside and outside the party. Com. KS took the mantle of this ideological struggle. The bitter experiences of left adventurist line and his talk with the leadership of Communist Party of China had sharpend this struggle.

Com.KS continued to have direct relations with adivasi peasants and tea garden workers of Darjeeling district while making all India level efforts to bring communist revolutionaries into a united single organization. As a result of these efforts, our CPI(ML) was formed in 2005 with Com.KS as its General Secretary. This CPI(ML) is the continuation of the 90 years old communist movement in India and it was not the re-formation or continuation of CPI(ML) of 1967. Under the able leadership of Com.KS, the CPI(ML) took up the task of evaluating the history of the period from 1967 to 1972. It concluded that the left sectarianism that raised its head during this period was against the tenets of Marxism-Leninism and Mao's Thought and had caused serious harm to the revolutionary movement in India. Comrade KS played his leading role to arrive at this conclusion unanimously by the organization and including it in the forward to the Constituion of the Party during the deliberation of the Central Committee meeting held in 2010, just two months before his death.

Basing on the documents of the CPI(ML) – the Programme, Path and Constitution – we are continuing our efforts to build class struggles and class organizations of people and to achieve unity of the communist revolutionaries. This resulted in the Unity of CPI(ML) and CPI(ML) central organ Janasakthi in 2013. During these 5 years we lost many of our senior comrades – Asit Sinha, Shabbar Hussain, Surendrer Sing Katiyar, Uma Shankar Sing and Manam Rama Rao – whose sharp class outlook and experience we regard as a treasure trove. We are moving forward with the inspiration of the values these comrads have upheld during their life time.

Today the rulingclasses in India are surrendering every interest of the people to the imperialist finance capital and Indian comprador Bourgeoise. With the BJP coming to the power at the centre, this process picked more momentum. As a result the people are facing many problems – no end to the unemployment, no means to decent livelihood, rising price due to more profits to monopoly capital, eviction of peasants from their lands through economic levers as well as the brutal force, trapling of rights of Adovasis, Dalits, women and Minorities.Added to this the unbridled and unabashed promotion of communalism by the ruling elite is tearing the delicate fabric of communal harmony weaved by the toiling masses. Any opposition to these policies are being suppressed with iron heel , while at the same time using language, caste, region and religion to divide the people by raking up hatreds among the people. It is the duty of the communist revolutionaries to lead the people in their struggle against the exploitition and oppression by the ruling classes and make them conscious of the necessity for overthrowing this system and build a new democratic social system. The life of Com. KS always guides us in our endeavor to organize the people into struggles.


( This article is from 'CLASS STRUGGLE', the Organ of the CPI(ML)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comrade Kanu Sanyal's 5th death anniversary is on 23 March 2015.

Comrade Kanu Sanyal – the Leader of Naxalbari Struggle and former General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist - Leninist) - 5th Death anniversary on 23rd March 2015.

Com. Kanu Sanyal Zindabad,

CPI (ML) Zindabad,

New Democratic Revolution Zindabad,

Marxism-Leninism-Mao thought Zindabad.

CPI(ML) paid homage to the great Revolutionary Communist Leader, Comrade Kanu Sanyal.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The Sangh Parivar which came to power under the leadership of Narendra Modi has made a division work among themselves. One will mobilize votes on the nebulous slogan of development, while other
spew hate speeches against minorities. As yet another talk about need to a ban on religious conversion, one of them rely on Ghar vapasi- re conversion to Hinduism. While one demarcates left
extremism and terrorism as main obstacles to development, others will proclaims that it was a mistake for Godse to kill Gandhi; and he should have killed Nehru instead. While one assures that all measures will be taken to provide protection to women, other assumes the role of cultural police dictating the women how to dress and behave. One proclaims to take India to a number one place in the world by importing scientific and technological knowledge. The other claims that ancient
India achieved pinnacle of scientific knowledge by pointing out the re birth of Ganesha for plastic surgery. Rathas of Mahabharata for motor cars and pushpak vimana of Ramayana for aircraft. They distort the history by depicting Muslims as foreign invaders while Aryans, Kushans
and scores of others migrated to sub continent and became part of its populace to depict those Hindus. Who do not accept their definition of Hinduism, Hindu traditions and values as Blasphemous and treacherous persons. The days are not far away when these Hindu Jihads start attacking the differing Hindus also along with religious minorities just as the Taliban. They have the same mindset, same burning hatred as that of fascist forces.

The toiling masses of India, who have the several centuries old history of living in communal harmony, have proved time and again that they will not allow the communal forces to destroy their lives. In India, a country of 1.2 billion people with 180 million of Muslim population, more than many Muslim countries, there is and will have a resistance to the attempts of Hindu communal forces to create a Hindu Rashtra.

If the resistance of the people were to take a correct line and approach, it should explore the roots of the communalism. It was the British colonial rulers who applied their notorious divide and rule policy to divide the people of Indian people in communal lines. After the transfer of power the ruling classes continued and are continuing the same policy and stoke communal hatreds and often communal clashes to divide people so that they can serve oppressive and exploitative interests of imperialism and big bourgeoisie. It is not accidental occurrence that the destruction of Babri Masjid and implementation of New Economic Policies took place simultaneously. The aim of rake up communalism is to ensure the smooth implementation of anti people policies without resistance from the people.

Arun Jaitley, then leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha in 2012 vehemently argued that young Indians would end up as Sales Girls and Boys once the proposal to allow FDI into retail sector was implemented. Now as the Finance Minister he announced to provide all facilities to FDIs. The Congress Secretary, Madhusudan Mistry, also a trade unionist talking in Rajya Sabha on Labor Amendment Bill pointed out a number of problems with the Bill and said it went against the rights enjoyed by the workers. Yet in conclusion, supported the bill even though "I staunchly oppose content of the Bill." The BJP, as the opposition for a decade, took a position similar to left parties on a number of issues ranging from INDO - US civil nuclear deal, disinvestment of PSUs, Pension Bill and Adhar linkage to social welfare schemes. It is now assiduously implementing all he policies proposed by the previous UPA Government. The BJP's campaign during the last elections was centered on indecisiveness of Manmohan Government citing the continuing suicides by the peasants. Vidarbha region saw more than 1050 suicides in 2014. Yet both the ruling coalitions maintained studious silence on this issue.

Now the only rallying point for opposition Parties is Hindutva or rather anti Hindutva. The neo liberal reforms will be pushed without any debate in the Parliament as most of them were proposed by the Congress and as the regional Parties like AIADMK, BJD and TDP are taking a pro government position with left and  non Congress opposition reduced to a micro minority. Thus the two ruling coalitions have committed to implement the policies dictated by the imperialist financial institutions. To cover up this treachery of implementing anti national policies, they are stocking up communal hatreds.

It is the duty of the democratic, patriotic and revolutionary forces and organizations to expose both the naked and disguised methods of rake up communalism by the ruling class parties. They must recognize that fighting against communalism means fighting against injustice, inequality and fighting for the protection of democratic rights of the people to whatever religion, gender, region and caste they may belongs  to. To wage such a struggle the people have to be organized in to their class organization. It is the class struggle that raise the peoples consciousness to such a high level that they do not fall prey to divisive politics of communalism. History has irrefutably proved this fact several times. 

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