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    All India Peoples' Literary Forum  -   Declaration.

Art and literature reflect our joys, sorrows, hardships, anger, feelings and opinions. They are not the creations of a few talented individuals as some people assume, but a product of toil, creative work and struggle waged by crores of human beings for life. They are most effective tools to mirror social realities, influence the consciousness of people, sharpen their thinking and move them into action.

Since ages, the art and literature had been either breathing life into dying social forces or lending support and strength to the new and progressive social forces. The art and literature taking the side of dying social forces enjoyed all the patronage from the then rulers. Yet, they gradually lost ground and ultimately rejected by the people owing to their reactionary nature. On the other side, the progressive art and literature encountered many odds. But they had grown in strength as they stood by the new progressive social forces and enjoyed the affection, admiration and support of the people.

Today, imperialism dominates the world through its policies of so called liberalisation, globalisation and domination. The imperialists in general and US imperialism in particular are engaged in loot, plunder and control of economic, natural and human resources in an all out manner and on a global scale. They are blatantly violating the rights of nations, interfering in their affairs, resorting to threats, armed invasions to impose their domination over the world and in the name of fighting terrorism, restoring democracies and protecting peace and security in the world. They are grooming and spreading most retrogressive and reactionary ideologies, racist, chauvinist, communal, anarchist and criminal forces and tendencies and activities in their attempt to divide, divert, and suppress the people struggling for liberation, democracy, peace and socialism.

The end of colonial rule did not open up the conditions for an all round development of progressive literature and art in our country. The semi- colonial, semi- feudal social conditions continued to persist and distort every aspect of life. These conditions offered a fertile soil for the imperialists to transplant the poisonous weeds of their decadent ideas and culture in the minds of people and thus perpetuate their plunder and oppression in India. On their part, the forces representing semi- feudal economic and social relations found a powerful prop in this imperialist culture to keep themselves alive and hold back the development of democratic forces and culture.

Imperialism has reduced all human activity pursuit of marginal utility. It commercialised and dehumanised the noblest human values and intimate human relations. Most of the life is commodified. The peoples minds are being moulded and controlled to suit the needs of imperialist loot and oppression. Today the education, research, media, literature, art and culture are under the attack of imperialist culture. The tendencies like slavishly eulogizing and imitating western culture; infatuation for English, denigration of ones own  Mother tongue, addiction to consumerism, atomic individualism; fancy for the degenerated cultural mode of US, selfish, casual, irresponsible attitudes towards problem of life and society; drug addiction, pub and porno culture, treating women as objects of gratification, vulgarisation in advertising, cinema and media; hedonism, spreading religious hatred, particularly against Muslims in the name of war between religions and civilisation are being nurtured and spread in India. All there are nothing but a part of imperialist culture. In this process. The minds of our people are being polluted and poisoned with a view to culturally disarm the people and social forces. The imperialists are funding countless agencies (NGOs included) using thousand and one methods and ideologies like Post Modernism to wage open and hidden attacks to confuse, shatter confidence, fragmentize and dismantle progressive ideals, scientific ideologies, democratic and national aspirations,the peoples movements and their leaderships. The Indian rulers who are committed to serve imperialism are extending all their services to them.

Feudalism is historically an outdated social system in the world. However in the absence of thorough going democratic reforms in India, our people continue to suffer from feudal exploitation and oppression. They continue to be enshackled by the feudal culture in old and new forms. The caste system continues in India with all its ugly features like untouchability, caste discrimination and oppression. Atrocities continue unabatedly against dalits, adivasis and women. The ruling classes, with their upper caste chauvinism are perpetuating caste divisions among the people. Patriarchal system continue to condemn the women folk to inequality, discrimination and oppression. Refusing to see the productive labour as the real source of knowledge, creativity and skills all blind beliefs are being spread in the name of spiritualism. Unscientific and irrational ideas, beliefs, customs, traditions and practices are sustained through religious, educational and cultural activities and in the name of respecting ancient culture and heritage. The ruling classes are competing to use the individual beliefs to enhance innocence, backwardness and feelings of insecurity among the people, build a divine industry and keep the people perpetually diverted from their problems. All these are only a part of the feudal culture.

Thus the decadent imperialist culture and retrogressive feudal culture separately as well as in collusion continue to distort and hold back the progress of democratic, national, and progressive forces and culture in our country.

Our people have a rich heritage of resisting the imperialist and feudal culture. Since 1936, the progressive forces in our country have been carrying on organized efforts to develop a progressive literary movement. These efforts had created an immense and valuable wealth of literature. They provided a proper orientation to understand that the real and inexhaustible source and roots for the literary and artistic creations lie nowhere but in the society, life struggles of workers. other oppressed and toiling people. They also taught the writers and artists how to study and analyse the social life, contradictions and struggles between the dying and new social forces and develop literary and artistic creations which can be most effective in giving impetus and strength to the new social forces. In its long journey, the progressive literary movement had touched highest peaks, faced ups and downs and also suffered various deviations. On the whole, it made glorious contributions and added rich experiences to the treasure house of literary movement which are most valuable for the present movement.
Today the Peoples Literary Movement represents the aspirations, urges and struggles of workers, peasants, middle classes and other oppressed people for social and cultural changes in our society. It is faced with the challenge of liberating our people from the shackles of decadent imperialist culture and retrogressive feudal culture and paving the way for a democratic, independent, secular and prosperous India. Experience shows that a new democratic society alone can guarantee such conditions and clear the road for our people to advance towards a society free from inequality, exploitation, oppression and war. Hence :
1. We commit ourselves to develop the literary and cultural movement in our country guided by the social objective of ending the imperialist and feudal exploitation and oppression in our country.
2. We declare ourselves as the inheritors of all humanist and progressive literature, art and culture developed by the oppressed and toiling masses of people in India as well as the world in he course of their struggle for democracy, liberation, socialism and peace.
3. We own the democratic and patriotic values that are reflected in the Indian culture, art and literature in the past taking inspiration from the First War of Independence in 1857 and even earlier, various struggles and uprising including Telangana, Naxalbari and all the struggles of peasants, workers, adivasis, women, students, youth, dalits, minorities and middle classes all through the history of our great country.
4. We own the contribution various nationalities of our country to the wealth of progressive, democratic culture, art and literature. We respect their distinctive features and forms and strive to enrich further their anti-feudal and anti-imperialist content.
5. We oppose religious fanaticism, fundamentalism, inequality and discrimination, secular and scientific culture, and use the literary and art forms to strengthen the unity of oppressed and ethnicities.
6. We are of the view that any given language is a wonderful product of collective and productive labour of entire people inhabiting a common geographical area. It is breath and soul of people and every nationality. It embodies the saga of their lives, their struggles, their victories and failures, hopes and sorrows. It is a vehicle of their culture, history and intellectual attainment.  

Mother tongue is the best and effective means of communication and medium of acquiring knowledge and skills. Imposing English disregarding the spoken dialects of people is a cultural crime against the broad masses of people. We demand the mother tongue be made the medium of instruction at all levels of education and in the conduct of administration so that common people can have the access to knowledge and affairs of the country.

We recognise equality of all languages. We are opposed to littling other languages. We are recognise one's right learn any language of his/ her choice including English, but not at the expense of mother tongue.

With hundreds of rich and varied languages and dialects India look like a beautiful garden of flowers.. The ruling classes are doing everything to erect hurdles on the way of an all round development of Indian languages. They are using the presence of many languages in India to weaken unity, rouse the feelings of inequality and antagonisms among the toiling and oppressed people of different nationalities.We help all languages to blossom freely and in an allround manner and strengthen unity and bondage among the oppressed   and toiling people of all nationalities on the basis of equality of all languages and in the course of their common struggle against feudalism and imperialism in the country.

7.  We have great literature both ancient and modern in all languages of our vast country which has creatively reflected and recorded the life and struggles of our people. We consider it as our task to feed on their great traditions and use them to serve the needs of progressive social changes in our country today. Other creative art forms of expression, namely dance, music, theatre, graphic arts, etc also need to be equally cultivated and enriched. Innumerable rich and varied folk art forms developed by the peoples artistes are a great source to develop new art forms to serve the needs of present day peoples' struggles. These popular art forms have great potential to motivate the vast illiterate and exploited masses to achieve fundamental changes in the present society. We are committed to develop and widely use them.
8.   We avail the experiences of life and struggles of the oppressed and toiling people. We stand by them in their sufferings, joys and struggles. We utilise every opportunity to integrate ourselves with them, study closely, feel and analyse their sufferings, aspirations and struggles and use the same as the content of our literary and artistic creations. We believe that ultimately it is the people who are the builders of their own life and future.
9.   We reach out to the people with our artistic and literary creations and integrate with them totally to add strength and momentum to the struggle of people to end the present opressive system.
10.   We declare to make serious efforts with renewed vigour to rally and unite wider sections of writers and artistes into an All India Peoples' Literary and Cultural Movement.
11.    We extend our solidarity to the struggles of toiling and oppressed people in various countries of the world for democracy, independence and for a society free from exploitation, oppression and war. We oppose the acts of intervention, bullying, armed invasions and war indulged in by the imperialists in general and US imperialists in particular to impose their plunderous and oppressive control and domination over the economic, natural and human resources of other countries across the world.
This we declare, will be the befitting response to the ever intensifying cultural onslaughts of imperialism and the frenzied attempts of other forces of reaction to hold back the progressive march of Indian people.

               Artists and Writers for the Peoples Culture Unite! Unite!!
              Long live Peoples' Culture!
                Glory to Peoples' Movements!

{Improved and finalised in the light of discussions held on the basis of a draft in the All India Meet of Peoples Literary Forum held in Kolkata, West Bengal.}

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Written by Comrade Viswam.{ The General Secretary – CPI(ML) }

[ This article published in “Class Struggle” , the Organ of CC, CPI(ML), on the eve of Unity Conference in 2005, is relevant even today. So to draw the attention of our all Comrades, Communist Revolutionary groups and the struggling masses on the issue of our responsibilities and tasks, we are publishing the same article.]

After the fall of Soviet Social Imperialism and its East European bloc, the balance of forces in the international arena underwent a radical change and tilted completely towards the imperialist forces specially towards US imperialism. The world had entered the threshold of 21st century with all dangerous uncertainty, instability and irreconcilable contradictions in the functioning of imperialism, particularly the US imperialism and thus thrown out a challenge to the very existence of humanity and human civil society.

Taking full advantage of disappearance of one super power,the G-8 countries, specially the US, foisted Globalization, Liberalization, and Structural Reforms on the poor, backward and underdeveloped countries in the name of so called peace, progress and development. Throughout the decade of nineties the imperialists harped on the on-going process of Globalization in order to justify the imposition and acceptance of the New World Order. In this process they inducted the services of World Bank, IMF and created a new weapon of exploitation, WTO, to plunder the people and countries of the world.

Despite the much vaunted benefits of Globalization, enormous wealth is getting accumulated with the small number of imperialist countries at the expense of vast majority of people of the underdeveloped world. During the ongoing globalization, the US imperialism wanted to enhance and speed up its hegemonic power over the world. Hitherto,  not in distant past, the US imperialism practiced its subversive activities  to topple the independent and sovereign countries clandestinely with or without the support of docile UNO. The 9/11 incident became 'god sent' handle for the US imperialists designs and it raised the slogan of war against global terrorism. The US imperialism declared that those who will support it are friends and those will oppose it are enemies. It annexed Afghanistan, unleashed aggression on Iraq and is constantly threatening Iran, North Korea, Cuba etc.

The US imperialism is trying hard to stabilize its dominance over Iraq but meeting with the bloody resistance from the heroic people of Iraq. This shows that the attempt to impose uni-polar and hegemony is increasingly facing resistance from the people on the one hand and beset with inter-imperialist contradictions and rivalries on the other.  This overall situation has sharpened the contradiction between the people and imperialism on one hand and contradictions among the imperialist countries. The moot question is the people of the world have to intensify and carry on the struggle against imperialism, particularly against US imperialism.

The radical changes in the international balance of power can not overwhelm our country also. The ruling classes led by the Congress government signed the GATT and agreed to trail the process of globalization. After the change in the government at the Center  the NDA led by BJP energized the whole process of new economic policy. Recently returned to power, the Congress is continuing the same policies. All the plans and policies are being dictated by the imperialists. Despite changes of various governments, no basic change was brought.

After 1947, the four decades of Congress rule, the several UF governments and the NDA government have totally abandoned the aspirations of freedom movement. The support of Left Parties to the Common Minimum Programme could not hide the demonic face of reforms. Despite the disillusionment of the people, the ruling classes and their parties are being able to play the role of alternative in the absence of real alternative. By inciting religious fanaticism and turning it as a national chauvinism, the ruling classes are thriving. By fanning hatred among various religious,regions,castes and languages, they intend to run their rule with ease. The ruling classes are making relentless efforts to divert, sentimentalize and emotionalize the peoples movements and struggles of nationalities and turn them into chauvinistic ones. At the same time they are suppressing these struggles ruthlessly.

In the form of falsifying the socialist ideas and communist theories and in the form of rejecting and heckling the communist and socialist theories, certain tendencies in the name of subaltern studies are busy in diverting the people from the real socialist ideas.

Yet the people of our country are aspiring to change this system. They are taking up agitations and movements. In certain circumstances they are following the path of struggle with whatever means that are available for them. They are looking for the political force that can provide leadership to them. Various classes and sections of people are ready to build a real alternative to the present socio-economic and political system.

Exactly this situation is placing concrete tasks before the Communist Revolutionaries. Organizing the people into anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles, and advancing these struggles to the stage of new democratic revolution, overthrowing the rule of exploitative classes and establishing new democratic state that has worker-peasant alliance as its basis under the leadership of proletariat, building a single united communist party – such are the tasks that the situation demands today from the communist revolutionaries.

Our great leader Com:Lenin said”in the struggle for power, the proletariat has no other weapon but organization. Disunited by the rule of anarchic competition in the bourgeois world, ground down by the forced labor for capital, constantly thrust back to the 'lower depths' of utter destitution, savagery and degeneration, the proletariat can become, and inevitably will become, an invincible force only when its ideological unification by the principles of Marxism is consolidated by the material unity of an organization which will weld millions of toilers into an army of working class. Neither the decrepit rule of Russian Tsardom, nor the senile rule of international capital will be able to withstand this army.”(One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, P.340)

It means that we should build well-trained revolutionary ranks of the proletariat and ideological unity should be weld with material organizational unity.

The single and the only one weapon for the Indian people to overthrow the out-dated feudalism and comprador capitalism and imperialist domination is the real communist party. To build such a party, we should review the experiences of communist movement.

The communists could have been the real alternative before our countrymen because they only possess a scientific philosophy, a political economy and a clear goal of a new society i.e. socialism. They have the experience of class struggle for more than hundred years. They have the revolutionary experience of leading the great revolutions that shook the world. But the communist movement in India faced many lapses and errors.

1. The leadership consciously failed to grasp the essence of Marxism-Leninism, to asses the communist movement and to apply it to the concrete conditions prevailing in India. At every turning point in the freedom struggle and liberation movement the leadership either betrayed the people or compromised with the ruling class for fear of revolution. In spite of building such struggles as Telangana peasant armed struggle with a nearly correct leadership that acted as a beacon light to the Indian revolution, the main leadership tailed behind the ruling classes. As a continuation of this, as was well known, the leadership of the then  period led the entire party to the blind alley of parliamentarism for two decades.
2. In 1967, the uprising of peasants and plantation workers in Naxalbari vigorously put forward the real alternative path of agrarian revolution before our people. It shook the party and stirred the slumber of parliamentarism. In the process of Naxalbari struggle, NKSSS and AICCCR were formed and some positive steps were taken in this direction. The AICCCR correctly gave the call that the path of Naxalbari is our path. But subsequently at the last stage of AICCCR the CPI(ML) was formed in 1969, it denied to accept the lessons of Naxalbari struggle specifically the mass line. In its political resolution, the CPI(ML) advocated that the guerrilla warfare is the only way to mobilize and to release the initiative of the masses. The CPI(ML) was formed by expelling mass liners and those who opposed the line of annihilation of class enemies. Terrorism and anarchism was practiced instead of Marxism-Leninism and Mao's Thought.

Thus the formation of CPI(ML) failed to unify the communist revolutionaries and again lost the opportunity to build up a communist party of a new type. The aftermath is already known to all. After this debacle, the CR forces tried to re-unite in different periods and some sort of unity was also achieved in the process. But the unity process could not be wide spread and strengthened and newer and newer splits took place because it could not lead to the formation of correct party. The causes for these splits related to political and ideological issues and then they reflected on to the organizational arena. The movement could be able to represent the aspirations of people.

After evaluating the whole situation and the process of split and unity, we have to find ways to resolve the situation. We adopted the dialectical method to resolve  the political and ideological difference that stood in the way of unity. We adopted the Leninist method of demarcating both the areas of agreements and disagreements. We decided to unite with differences and preparing to resolve those differences in the united organization through inner party struggle.

We even decided to allow to air the differing views outside the organization without jeopardizing the cause of unity. Thus the joint note of January 17, 2003 became the main basis of unity between COI(ML) and CPI(ML) Unity Initiative, Here it should be remembered that to cement the unity process we should go to the practice and learn from the real life.

Key aspects of this Unity:
Following this Leninist method, CPI(ML)UI and COI(ML) merged together through formation of COC CPI(ML) on March 2003. This unity process created an atmosphere of unity and CPIU(ML) also merged in the CPI(ML). During this on going process of unity, CPI(ML) Red Flag came in touch and a co-ordination committee between CPI(ML) and CPI(ML) Red Flag was also formed.  Here again we carried on debate for one and half year and demarcated the points of agreements and disagreements between the two organizations. In the course of debate, we could finally agree to formulate four documents and decided to hold an unity conference and thus merge into one organization, CPI(ML).

We could also decide that the difference on the question of character of Indian society and state, principal contradiction and the path of Indian Revolution will be resolved through a special conference within two years from the date of unity. It was also decided to resolve the difference relating to the history within one year from the date of unity conference. It was also decided that under the leadership of the new central committee inner party debate will be organized on the above points. During this period, the CCR held unity talks with the West Bengal state committee of CPI(ML) and decided to merge with CPI(ML).

As it stands now, our experiences shows that the decision of 17th January 2003 led us to this stage. This resolution has two important aspects and demands to grasp it and carry forward the tasks ahead. The first one relates to ideological, political and organizational positions contained in the note. The second point is to implement it through practice.

To elaborate, the question is whether we should base ourselves on Marxism-Leninism and Mao's thought or anarchism and terrorism. This is the cardinal issue. The history of communist movement teaches us that these are twin enemies which develop from within the communist movement. Revisionism, Reformism and Right Deviation always cripple the communist movement and put an hindrance in the path of our revolution. So also Anarchism, Terrorism and Left Deviation led our movement towards total demolition and finally destruction of the cause of the revolution. It shows that the both, left and right, opportunism have the same philosophical position based on subjectivism which relates to metaphysics. It should be remembered that they are twins. At certain stage they raise their heads separately and at another time one overlaps the other. So it is our bounden duty to fight subjectivism, fight its political reflections and fight its organizational reflections. As such we are to fight ideologically, politically and organizationally against these menaces. We have decided to base ourselves on it.

There are two understandings regarding unity. One is the rebuilding of a Communist Party in its real sense and the other is reorganization of the Party. In January 17th note, we decided to fight against twin dangers. It means concrete fight against terrorism of CPI(ML) for the present. We agreed to retain the name of CPI(ML) as it raised the slogan – the Path of Telangana and Naxalbari is our Path. So it shows that the form remained but the content is changed. This is not the continuation of CPI(ML) of 1969, but the CPI(ML) of a new type in its real sense. But the slogan of reorganization of CPI(ML) Party means continuation of the same ideological basis of 1969 in content. So we should firmly adhere to the above understanding of January 17 note.

The second point is, repudiation of terrorism does not mean giving up the cause of agrarian revolution through armed means. There is a tendency to interpret mass line as formation of mass organizations and mass movement as a matter of process within legal frame work. From this emanates the idea that left opportunism is better than right opportunism and thus blunts the struggle against wrong trends.

Here a question arises: where do knowledge comes from? How to apply Marxist understanding in practice? We all know that knowledge develops through three phases. Knowledge from books is indirect knowledge. To earn rational knowledge we must know the relation between theory and practice. We must know how society changes. We all know that society transforms to new through three phases i.e. contradiction between productive forces and production relations; class struggle and scientific experiments. We always preach that heroes do not create history, only the people and people alone create history. Marx and Engels taught us about working class in itself and working class for itself. If we could synthesize the whole and assimilate, then the approach to mass line would be crystal clear.

We all know that the people as a whole are learning from their real life experience about the falseness of legality, democracy etc. It is the bounden duty of the communists to take the Marxist knowledge to the people. Only then we will be able to apply the real life experience of the people, the experience of class struggles and the practical experiences of the communist movement, able to demarcate left and right deviations and able to follow the revolutionary mass line. Hence, the mass line means that line which involves all the people in the revolutionary practice.

The process of linking the theory with practice also applies to the process of unity. The unity with differences does not mean to give priority to quantity disregarding the politics and unite with all. It means unity with all those who can be united and go to practice with the unity achieved. And thus again consolidating the unity with practical experience. This is our unity approach and we firmly adhere to it.

The Indian revolution is already late and it demands immediate practice. It does not mean that we can overcome all our weaknesses because we have achieved the unity. There are no short cuts. We can overcome them through relentless struggle and practice. We cannot blame any individual for all these weaknesses. Our main emphasis should be on the ideological and political positions of the organization. The source of individualism and group mentality emanated in metaphysics. The imprint of  terrorism and left adventurism are prevailing among us. This has always reflected directly on the organization. In totally, these ailments are reflecting on the individuals. Yes comrades we can not forget our martyrs. But emotions and sentiments should not come in the way of implementing these tasks.

The Unity demands the fulfillment of the following tasks in order to end the exploitation and to achieve the equality:
1. To build united front of people, democratic revolutionaries, patriots, progressive forces and democratic intellectuals.
2.  To organize the masses of people, proletarian forces and various sections of toiling masses and prepare them for militant struggles.
3.   To build a single united Communist Revolutionary Party consisting of revolutionary classes.

Our Unity Resolution clearly Stated:
1. this situation calls for the building up of the broadest possible platform of the working class, the peasantry, the women, the youth, students and all other oppressed classes and sections against the Congress led UPA government at the Center, the BJP led NDA and various state governments including the 'Left Front' governments. The historic task of communist revolutionary forces is to unite all these classes and sections and launch a powerful revolutionary movements against ruling system.
2.  To carry forward this task, we, the communist revolutionaries, are to unite the working class, peasantry and all other toiling classes including all the patriotic democratic and genuine left forces. In this context we are to take every step to consolidate and strengthen our party CPI(ML) politically and organizationally and expand our Class -  Mass Organizations.
3.  We therefore, appeal to all communist revolutionary forces to close their ranks  to unite into a single Party of the Indian Proletariat, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung's Thought, waging relentless struggles of all shades to carry forward this historic task.
The unity resolution placed these three tasks before us. Let us implement these tasks, build the revolutionary movement, consolidate the Party and strive to build a single united Party.

The documents formulated during the process of unity are giving us for the present, sufficient understanding that needed to build real Communist Party, to advance the agrarian revolution  - the axis of New Democratic Revolution -  to intensify the anti- imperialist struggles and to unite the revolutionary classes in a United Front. Let us go to the people and practice basing ourselves on these documents. Let us build in wide areas the class struggles, the peasant movements and movements of toiling masses. Let us strengthen the peoples organizations. Let us take steps that advance the United Front of Revolutionary Classes. Let us advance the united peoples movements. Naturally, the question of building base areas and peoples army comes forward and demands answers. Our dedicated practice in the mass line with revolutionary orientation, our struggle against right and left opportunism and the experiences we gained in this process will create the necessary conditions for the resolution of these questions. Let us march forward with this firm conviction.

Monday, March 31, 2014



Reject and Defeat the NDA and the UPA!

Expose the Sham of the Third Front!

Support the CPI(ML), other Communist Revolutionaries and Patriotic Democratic Forces.

Press NOTA Button in Constituencies where NO Such Candidate is Contesting.

The General Election to the Sixteenth Loksabha is being fought in a very grave and complex situation. The UPA led by the Congress in its ten years of rule has taken the country to a critical position where unbridled inflation, sky-rocketing prices, massive unemployment has turned the lives of the people miserable. They have carried out policies of globalization in the interests of imperialist powers with as much enthusiasm as possible. As a result privatization of not only enterprises but also of education and health has become order of the day. Disinvestment of public sector enterprises is going the full stream. The new economic policy has brought disasters in every aspect of the economy. It has increased the gap between the rich and the poor, even great inequality among st working people - highly paid professionals and ordinary workers. In all industries and enterprises - both public and private – employment is being reduced day by day and carrying on work by contract and/or casual workers in rampant. In agriculture production has not only gone down, but peasants are forced to such dire condition, that suicides are common occurrences. Workers are leading lives of hunger and squalor. Instead of smashing the root cause of them the UPA at the behest of WTO-WORLD BANK -IMF combine has brought the so called Food Security Bill and MGNREGA as if the people are destined to live on the table scaps thrown to them. Unprecedented scams of lakhs of crores of rupees has become trade marks of UPA. Their policy of development through foreign capital open up our economy to foreign capitalists and financial institutes to intensify their exploitation. They have sold the rich resources of minerals like iron ore and coal as well as petroleum sources to big capital such that imperialists can get hold of them at cheap prices. And whenever and wherever there is any resistance from the people against their treacherous activities, the state applied the method of brutal suppression. Worst sufferers of such suppression and also of oppression are toiling people, dalits, tribal s and women. The hurried and hush up manner in which the Telangana bill was passed in the far end of the last Loksabha session is a proof of the manipulative and divisive game the Congress can play paying little attention to the interests of people for electoral man-oeuvre. Only the money bags of both areas of AP gained while the unity and interest of people of both the areas were trampled upon.

Through the bifurcation of AP, the ruling classes applied the age old method of divide and rule, but it turned out to be utter chaos and misrule, at the expense of interest of the people of both areas.

Taking advantage of the anger against the UPA, the NDA led by the BJP has come up in the electoral arena with Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial Candidate. Thus by declaring the would be PM before the result of the election is a covert attempt to bring the presidential form of government where President is directly elected. Congress has followed suit by announcing Rahul Gandhi as its PM candidate. But what is the agenda of the NDA? By focusing Narendra Modi as the “Bikash Purush” (Development Leader), it has declared that the same development policy that has been practiced by Narendra Modi in Gujarat will be followed. It is nothing different from the policy of the UPA. The Gujarat model has allowed the big capitalists to thrive with the concessions from the state which means at the expense of people's money. On the other hand, Gujarat is where the worst ever communal massacre of minorities have taken place at the behest of Narendra Modi himself. The BJP- Sang Parivar clique coming to power under the grab of the NDA means all round attack on the secular fabric of the country to enhance the goal of turning India into a Hindu-Rashtra aiming to divide the people on communal basis to enhance the interest of imperialists and big bourgeoisie. The NDA coming to power would mean in the name of building strong India, jingoism would be unleashed. The NDA coming to power means people's rights would be suppressed in fascistic manner to allow the big capital to grow unhindered.

The CPI(M) led 11 party combine, popularly known as Third Front also come up in the fray. But whenever and wherever the parties of the 11 party combine came to power they followed the same development policy of globalization. They suppressed movement's of workers,peasants and other toiling masses. Essentially, they are also clearly acting to keep this system where the imperialists, big bourgeoisie and feudal exploits and oppresses the people running.

Two other forces are trying make their presence felt-The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Mamata Banerjee – Anna Hazare combine.

Mamata Banerjee who announced to build up a Federal Front ended up with the blessings of Anna Hazare as face saver. In her nearly three years of rule in West Bengal, she has been trying her best to woe big capital to invest in West Bengal. She has managed to take West Bengal to position where rapes are highest in the country. All oppositions, even within her own party, are suppressed, even killed, brutally.

AAP is a heterogeneous combination of NGOs, Socialists, Professionals and certain self-seekers. Its main plank is fight against corruption. But they have no concrete programme before the people. Whatsoever has come but from statements of their leaders' show that they are also keen to carry on the same development policy dictated by the imperialists. As if Aam Aadmi Party is a party to secure in an honest manner the interest of the exploiters of masses of people (Aam Aadmi).

Under such a situation the NDA has hired Foreign and internal agencies to carry out campaign through all sorts of media – News Papers, TV channels, Face Book etc. The UPA though late hired a Japanese agency to do the same. 11 Party combine is also trying to carry on campaigns through paid agencies. People all over the country know Mamata Banerjee has a number of TV channels to carry on her propaganda. Thousands of crores of rupees are being spent in these campaigns.

Whole electoral system has turned out to be affront to basic tenets of democracy. The real representatives of the people who are opposed to imperialist, big bourgeoisie and feudalism are way behind in their campaign due to dearth of funds. There is no level playing field.

In such a situation the CPI(ML) calls upon the people to take up the challenge to express their protest against :-

  1. the system which forces the people to elect who would sell the country to foreign capital and suppress the democratic movement of the people;
  2. the electoral system which has turned out to be an arrangement to cover up the characters of the ruling cliques which are subservient to imperialism and undemocratic to the core.
During the elections people will have to organize and mobilize themselves for developing struggles:-
a, to change the state run by imperialists, comprador bureaucratic capital and feudal to truly independent, democratic, self-reliant India;
b, to develop an electoral system which will allow the real representatives of the people to govern the state.

For that purpose we call upon the people to actively participate in the elections to register their protests against the manner the whole system runs. We urge upon the people :-
  1. to support the candidates of the CPI(ML) who are contesting to fight for a truly independent, self- reliant democratic India, who have no other resources but the people and people alone.
  2. to support also the candidates of other communist revolutionaries and patriotic democratic forces who are fighting against imperialist conspiracy over India and for a democratic India.
  3. And in the constituencies, all over the country, where such candidates are not there, to press the NOTA (none of the above) button itself is an achievement of protracted democratic movement of the people to register their protest.
Get Organized and Mobilized to Change the System which Serves the Interest of Imperialism, Feudalism and Big Corporate Houses.

Central committee, CPI(ML).


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