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                       POST ELECTION SITUATION  -  OUR TASKS.
                                                           CPI(ML),  CENTRAL COMMITTEE.

The elections to the 16th Parliament have resulted in a crushing defeat to Congress led UPA and thumping victory to BJP led NDA with BJP singly winning majority.

The results expressed the anger of people at the rampant price rise, inflation, massive corruption with recurring scams which played havoc with the lives and livelihoods of our people. The results expressed the anger and wrath of people at the policies pursued by the  Congress led UPA Government, which favored the imperialists (MNCs), big comprador bourgeoisie, big landlords, big  contractors, and dalals (agents) of the ruling classes and brought disastrous consequences for the people and country. The election also expressed the people's strong urge for betterment in their living and working conditions – an urge which they have been sustaining decade after decade.

Much before the announcement of elections, RSS through its political wing BJP, sensed the mood of the people and pressed into action all their means to exploit the situation in their favor. It moved swiftly and turned the outcome of the elections in its own favor. They became successful to dupe and misled the people to reap a huge victory in the poll.  RSS compelled the BJP leadership to declare Modi, first as a chairman of the election campaign committee and the Prime Ministerial Candidate as early as in Sept'2013. This was first time where a person was focused as the future Prime Minister. During the campaign, Modi and his campaigners raised a hue and cry about the rule of Nehru family of Congress, but, in reality, Modi was brought on par with Congress in inculcating and fostering personality cult.

Media was brought months ago. Entire media, with a very few exceptions, virtually worked as a propaganda tool of Modi and provided coverage to him as never seen before in any Parliament Elections.

The Indian big Bourgeoisies and the big corporate houses projected Modi as the future PM. This got the endorsement of the USA too. They pinned hope on Modi that  he would deliver the goods for them, as they desired, by expediting the implementation of the liberal economic reforms with aggressive speed and thrust -of course, under the banner of   'development and progress'. They cited Gujarat as an example where the Corporate  houses and MNCs were  provided lots of facilities like acquisition of acres after acres of  land at throwaway prices, huge amount of tax concessions etc (all at the cost of the people) for establishing industries  under Modi's regime. The  Indian big bourgeoisie including the corporate houses made contribution to  election fund to the BJP in a massive way,of which a minimum estimate of the amount spent by the BJP in elections go to Rs. 10,000 crores. As reported in the media, it is more than what American President spent for election.

The election promise of the BJP and Modi was for a rapid development in the Country leading to an 'all round progress and  better future for the common people'.  Modi was projected as the icon of development and incarnation of decisiveness. Along with this, Hindutva agenda, and stories like Modi's birth in an OBC's family, his chaiwala childhood  were put into circulation and propaganda and  utilized to garner votes. Together with this, BJP entered into alliances in certain States like in Bihar with Lok Janashakti Party of Pashwan and AP with TDP to have a ruling position in different states.

The Third Front, a loose platform of Left Front and some regional parties like Mulayam led SP in UP, Nitish Kumar led JDU in Bihar etc., proved to be a non starter to participate in election as a UF of the parties. Navin Patnaik and Jayalatia distanced themselves from the third front. Mamata was quite hostile towards this front. As a result, the Third Front proved to be a totally ineffective in the election. In this context, it needs to mention that  the 16th LS election nakedly exposed the CPM in its true color particularly in Bengal – the citadel of their organizational strength. Their support based among the toiling masses has dwindled further with an ominous sign of a good many of them opting for the BJP as noticed in the voting pattern. The trend continues even after the election. It is ominous for the democratic and secular forces of the country.

These elections have exposed the hoax of democracy more nakedly. As we assessed, “whole electoral system was turned out be affront to basic tenets of democracy. With money and muscle power, communal, casteist and regional feelings playing a significant role in setting the trend of voting and its outcome, the common people found the doors of parliamentary institutions being shut for their genuine representatives.

Though some intellectuals want the people of our country to believe that Modi has 'moderated', his position on communal question, his slogan during the campaign and utterances of his ministers and other BJP leaders belie this. Though Modi posed himself as a 'messiah' of development, his hindutva agenda was always there behind the shadow. His talk about sending back the so called migrants from Bangladesh, about who benefits from the pink (beef) export,  ending article 370 from the Constitution are clear signals that he had not moderated. The election result show that out of 283 elected MP s not a single Mp is from the Muslim community. So, there is good reason to worry that Hindutva forces are raising their ugly face. RSS leaders are already demanding about the agenda for the new government as Ram temple, Article 370, Uniform Civil Code, changes in the history, text books and in the sphere of culture, etc.

In the States where the regional ruling class parties managed to have a better footing among the people(for more than one reason) like TN, Odisha, WB, so called Modi wave has fizzled out. In these states, AIADMK, BJD and TMC (in West Bengal coupled with high pitched anti Modi tirade to the extent possible)scored massive success ridings high anti Congress wave sweeping through out the country. SP in UP, JDU in Bihar could not benefit on anti Congress wave because they could not muster support among the people in these respective states.

Through their promises and populist slogans, Modi and BJP  raised high hopes among  the people. The people were lured  to believe that Modi if come to power would put a  check on  price rise, corruption, unearthing huge amount of black money,unemployment,  rising atrocities on women and various other social, economic, and political ills. But the policy declarations and the first Budget indicate that the Modi government is committed to continue the policies pursued and implemented assiduously by Manmohan Sing for the last one decade in a more through-going and ruthless manner. The first indication was sharp increase in Railway Passenger and Freight fares. Massive privatization of public sector enterprises, handing over of public sector banks, further raising the cap on FDI in Defense and allowing FDI in Railways, drastic reduction in food, fuel and fertilizer subsidies are some of the measures on the anvil.

The economic reforms as desired by the imperialist powers had spelt disaster in the life of our people and the country. Be it agricultural distress, decline in manufacturing sector, slump in the service sector, construction of air and sea ports, dams, roads, SEZs or power stations, Railway corridors etc., the burden of which are being being transferred on to the backs of workers, peasants, youth and other common people to the destruction of their lives and livelihoods. The people are resisting these moves in most of the places and the resistance is sure to grow in extent and strength in the coming days. The ruling classes want the  suppression of people with iron hand and with illusions of development. For this, they have brought Modi to power to effectively quell the people's resistance to their goal. This is being justified in the name of security of the country and fight against Left extremism and  terrorism. This is the stark message from the Loksabha election, 2014.

Our Party correctly assessed that the present election was being fought in the style of US President's election and the coming government will run like a presidential form where the President (here PM) is all powerful. We have correctly assessed “BJP – Sang Parivar clique coming to power under the grab of the NDA means all round attack on the secular fabric of the country to enhance the goal of turning India into Hindu - Rashtra aiming to divide the people on communal basis to enhance the interests of imperialists and big bourgeoisie.” “The NDA coming to power means people's rights would be suppressed in a fascistic manner to allow the big capital to grow unhindered.”

BJP led NDA, Congress led UPA and different regional ruling parties in the country resorted to divisive, sectarian slogans and propaganda to divide the people on the basis of religion, region, caste, community, ethnicity, etc. to divert the people from their real problems and create the vote bank to suit their electoral interests. It has put an additional work load and responsibility on the shoulders of the Communist Revolutionaries to wage a relentless struggle against the divisive and diversionary methods of the ruling classes and unite the people in the fight for their rights in the face of increasing onslaught of the ruling classes and their state.

Modi Govt. has inherited a crisis ridden economy. It is the part of the crisis plaguing the World Capital Economy. This crisis cannot be overcome unless and until our economy is freed from the shackles of imperialism and oriented basically and decisively in the interest of our people and the country. Whatever speed or decisiveness Modi's regime may show in pursuing the same policies that guided the economy so far can only worsen the situation further rather than changing it for the better. Similarly, neither it can console the people with its empty, high sounding and populist slogans, nor keep the people divided and diverted for ever with its Hindutva agenda, castiest, regional and chauvinistic slogans.  The realities of life are more powerful. Learning from their own experience, the people would overcome all hurdles in the path of their struggle.

In a situation,  where the parliamentary opposition parties including the CPI(M) and their left front partners have accepted imperialist globalization as faith accomplice and had been implementing policies of the imperialist globalization wherever they have been in power, the people as well as the country are faced with a future fraught with grave danger. This calls for the Communist Revolutionary Forces to come forward to take on the challenge. They should have an introspection of the role they played hitherto. In the process they must shun their inertia and work sincerely for principled and effective unity among themselves. They should close their ranks, strengthen themselves organizationally and in terms of class and mass organizations and movements. They must strive to forge unity and alliance with the democratic and patriotic forces in order to fight the dangers ahead and mobilize and organize the people for united struggles on the following demands.

Oppose Imperialist Globalization, Privatization and Liberalization.
Stop changes in Food Security Act.
Stop changes in MNREHA.
Stop changes in Land Acquisition Act.
Roll back privatization of PSUs.
Stop privatization of Defense Production.
Stop Price Rise.
Declare Drought in the country, and Give Relief to the Peasants.
Implement Pro-People Development Policy.
                                                                                                   Central Committee

Monday, August 11, 2014


                                                        CPI (ML).

In the sphere of revolutionary strategy and tactical line, various revolutionary groups have adopted in their documents basically  the path of struggle against imperialism, comprador bourgeoisie and feudal classes. They agree that the armed struggle is the only way to overthrow the present system. At the same time, they have differences on the question of translating it into practice. Not only this. All had gone into practice in their own way and are continuing their practice. They have to review their respective practices on the basis of ideology, historical experiences, their own experiences and an accordance with the dialectical method and evaluate what is the correctness and what is the incorrectness in their practices.

Our Party has begun this process. We had evaluated the history for 1969-1972 period. We may have to evaluate the later period as a continuation of this. Importantly, the question we encountered is, how the revolutionary movement should have applied the path of armed struggle to the objective and subjective conditions of that stage and time. Once the path of armed struggle was adopted, the question it faced was how to make the preparations for it. With this, the revolutionary forces stood divided into various groups and sections.

The question of adopting the path of armed struggle and its application were distorted. The theories distorting Marxism-Leninism-Mao's thought were brought to the  fore along with such comments as 'supporters and 'opponent's of armed struggle. As a consequence, the revolutionaries were affected by deviations on many questions. Rather than debating the issues ideologically, the organizations, mainly the individuals, were sought to be branded and with this, the atmosphere was charged with emotions. The forces which considered the left deviations as a thing that must be worshiped and above criticism had gained an upper hand. Pointing out left deviation and even making criticism against it were turned into a matter to be afraid and a sensitive issue. The argument of holding the weapon and falling victim to enemy's atrocity had swallowed the question of deviation from Marxism-Leninism-Mao's thought. In place of ideological debate, it was brought to the fore as a sensitive issue.

The differences persisted in an acute form on the questions like the struggle against imperialism internationally, the struggle against the capitalist system and its reactionary political, economic and cultural policies, the struggle against the reactionary, exploiting systems of various countries and in formulating the necessary guidelines for the same.

Imperialism is the main enemy of oppressed people all over the world. The differences and deviations also arose on the questions, how the struggle be carried on and is being carried on against it in the semi-colonial countries, capitalist countries and in the countries ruled by the imperialist puppet regimes.

Various kinds of confusion created by the  international revisionist theories about the danger of imperialism are yet to be fully overcome.

The revisionists are concealing the fact that capitalism had reached to the level of imperialism in Soviet Union or had fully became a capitalist system. Would the Indian revisionists agree that capitalism was restored instead of carrying the socialist revolution forward in Soviet Union? Or are they in a state of agony and directionless, considering it as a bad dream? We the Communist Revolutionaries, must make a deep analysis of this problem. We can not remain satisfied just with the view that they are revisionist parties.

The struggle against revisionism and capitalist roaders went on in the Chinese Communist Party at one level or other for the three decades. Finally, the capitalist roader gained the hegemony. There is need for the Communist Revolutionaries to make a deep analysis of this.

There is a need to give an analytical explanation to the question, how the reactionary or retrogressive forces have gained an upper hand over the progressive forces in the course of  social transformation concerning the peoples democratic system – socialist system – communist system and in the course of struggle between the opposing forces. We must not be complacent towards this question.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 “Protest Against the Budget of Betrayals Presented by Narendra Modi Led NDA Government”

Dear friends,

The Narendra Modi led NDA Government has backed out totally from the promises made during election campaign and his first speech in parliament after the election results. His election promises were summed up in his famous slogan “Achche Din Aane Wale Hain” (Good Days are going to Come). He promised to end price rise, to end corruption by good, clean, and transparent governance; generate large number of jobs by taking suitable measures in the economy; take effective steps for accelerating economic development; bring prosperity for rural populace; and bring all out prosperity for all, especially for the poor and the disadvantaged sections of society like STs, SCs, and OBCs.

But the first budget presented by the Finance Minister, and the Railway budget presented by the Railway Minister show that the budget is good for the rich people, and bad for the common people of our country. Before even the budget was presented, the government hiked the railway passenger fares by 14.5% from 25th June, 2014. The railway freight charges for the goods were also increased. Diesel and petrol prices have also been increased. The prices of LPG and Kerosene oil have also been increased. The government has announced that there will be massive increase in diesel, petrol, LPG, and Kerosene oil prices after September. All the subsidies on them would be withdrawn, and domestic oil produced would also be priced at international level to attract Foreign Capital and Indian Corporate houses in the petroleum sector.

This would give massive increase in the profit of Mukesh Ambani’s Company in Godavari Basin oil exploration business. The price of natural gas is going to be hiked from $4 for one BTU to $8 and then to $12 in the next year. As is being demanded by the Reliance industries. If the prices of natural gas were rised by one dollar per BTU, the price of urea would increase by Rs.1350 per tonne Ambanis have been pressurizing the government to give international prices for the domestic oil, and produced 12% gas from KG6 in 2013-14 of what they were duty bound to produce. Instead of cancelling their license, it imposed a fine of Rs 14,000 crore which in all likelyhood would go for litigation, the government is going to reward them by increasing the price of natural. The increase in the price of diesel and gas increases the transportation and production costs of all the products leading to further price rise. But Ambani and other Corporate bigwigs were the main providers of the huge election fund (to the tune of nearly 10 thousand crores) to Narendra Modi in the election. The budget and pre-budget steps of the government have led to steep rise in prices generating frustration and anger among the people. On the other hand budget and policy of the government has created great enthusiasm among the Corporate houses, MNCs, business classes, and the rich people in general.

Adding insult to injury the government has announced to start Bullet train in the country at a cost of 60,000 crores of rupees to run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad,the passenger fare of which will only be met by the richer sections of the society, but has made provision of only Rs.1000 crore additional money to agricultural sector and completely ignored the necessity to allocate funds to fight massive drought like situation in country. What a mockery of taking care of 60% people living in the rural areas! And this is the act of a government whose Prime Minister started his speech in Parliament with the words that his government is a government for the poor.
This government continues to follow the neoliberal policies of imperialist globalization and privatization of the previous government, but has declared its intent in the budget to reduce and ultimately end the welfare measures of the previous government like Food Security Act, MNREGA, Land Acquisition Act, etc. On the other hand lakhs of crores of concessions and tax relief has been given / continued to the big industry and business. Food Security Act, MNREGA, and Land Acquisition Act were enacted after prolonged struggle of the people to provide food security, employment, and protecting land rights of the peasants and tribals. Though these measures like Food security Act, MNREGA etc only partially met peoples’ needs, they provided some relief to the poor people in the rural areas. The tribals were facing large scale eviction and displacement due to the construction of big dams, mining projects, industries, etc. Instead of addressing these issues the government has announced its decision to raise the height of Narmada dam which is bound to displace large number of tribals in Madhya Pradesh and other affected states. Lakhs of peasants committed suicides during last two decades of Globalisation policies. Millions of tribals and other peasants lost for SEZs, Industries, dams, mines, roads, urban housing, etc. Peoples’ protests and movements like in Nandigram and Singur broke out in different parts of the country. Then British Land Acquisition Act was replaced by a new Act, which says that at least 80% of land owners should agree to give land, only then land can be acquired. This government is trying to do away with this provision, or to scrap the Act altogether. The Corporate Houses and MNCs have been demanding this. These policies of the government announced in the budget are great betrayal to the poll promises to the people in the interest of handful of super rich.

On the employment and corruption fronts also this government’s budget has a negative approach. More than 50% employment is still provided by agriculture employing large number of small, middle, and poor peasants. There is only bad news for them in the budget. The government has refused to declare drought and provide relief to the rural masses. In the non-agricultural sector, 90% employment is provided by the informal sector including small and micro enterprises. There is nothing worth mentioning for this sector in the budget except promising to constitute yet another committee to suggest ways of providing financial assistance to them. All big talks are for formal organized sector which includes big capitalists, Corporate houses, and MNCs but they provides only 10% employment in the non-agricultural sector, and 15% of total consumption. But to promote the interest and income of this sector massive selling of shares of Public Sector Undertakings including banks to the tune of 63,000 crores to the MNCs and private sector has been announced.

To please the imperialist governments like US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc. and foreign Institutional Investor, MNCs and other foreign Capitalists, our Defence production, Insurance, etc. have been opened for them upto 49% shares. Last UPA government had already opened many other sectors for these foreign players. All this is being done in the name of development and creating employment opportunities. But facts speak otherwise. The formal sector including all the industries, IT sector, banks, etc. provide jobs to only 1 crore 40 lakh people, Whereas the informal sector including SME, provide jobs to nearly 10 crores and 80 lakh people, and agriculture provides employment to nearly 32 crore people. What a tragedy! Nothing for agriculture, nothing for SMEs, and all for handful of Corporates, Industrials and big traders. All these measures will bring “Achcha din” (good days) for the rich, and misery for common people i.e. workers, peasants, tribals, students, youths, small business and enterprises, etc.

The government has not done anything to curb massive corruption witnessed in the Central government which rocked the nation. BJP at that time supported Anna Hazare led movement for a powerful Lokpal and Lokayukta. But the present government under Narendra Modi is silent on this vital demand of large section of people. Modi’s government appointed a committee to unearth black money, at the same time it revived the Kisan Vikas Patra scheme which was withdrawn by the UPA government in the face severe criticism that it became an instrument for black money laundering. This exposes the hypocrisy of the present government.

In such situation people have no other way except to oppose the anti-people intent and actions of the government. So, we appeal to you all, to protest this massive betrayal of poll promises to you, the common people of India, and start movement to build a real New India which takes care of 95% of the people not 5% rich, and a handful of super rich.

Oppose imperialist globalization, privatization and liberalization.
Stop tinkering with Food Security Act
Implement MNREGA on full scale after removing corruption.
Stop anti-people changes in Land Acquisition Act
Roll back privatisation of PSUs and public sector banks.
Stop privatisation of Defence production
Stop price rise
Declare drought in the country, and immediately take up relief measures.
Implement pro-people development policy

With Revolutionary Greetings
Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist)
Central Committee


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